DarkSoul Racing – HPI Baja 5sc Toobz

DarkSoul Racing HPI Baja 5sc axle ToobzDarkSoul Toobz for the HPI Baja 5sc drive axles


We been waiting for these since almost day one of the release of the HPI Baja 5sc. Yes HPI beefed up their dog bones and drive axles but with the type of HP our engines are putting out these days and the beating we like to put them through, we are finding even the new improved drive cups and dogbones are not strong enough and are failing. DarkSoul also has their world renowned Dog Bones coming for the HPI Baja 5sc soon.

Part Number: DSR0015

Link for purchase HERE


Press Release:

The DarkSoul TOOBZ takes a different approach to reinforcing drive cups. Instead of a narrow and relatively thick ring held in place with epoxy, welded, or machined into the end of the cup, we have designed a sleeve that slides over the entire stock drive cup. This encasement of the cup, we feel offers many advantaged to the traditional reinforced drive cups. Why work with the stock cups instead of starting from scratch?

The stock HPI drive cups have proven to be a very good product, but they do have the one “fatal flaw”, no reinforcement at the outer edge, and with so many engines now putting out double and even triple the amount of horsepower as a stock engine, they just cannot stand up to the punishment. Short of that one flaw, the HPI cups are extremely well made from quality material, and are properly heat treated, so it’s the perfect platform to work from.

More information on this system and the concept HERE.



TGN Inventory Clearance Sale

TGN Inventory Clearance Sale

Link to GREAT deals HERE. (more items being listed daily)

Press Release:

Good news LargeScale fans. TGN is moving, to a larger facility to better serve our customers. Expect some great changes at TGN in the coming months including a new and improved TGN site design and much expanded product line.

So we admit, it’s HOT here in Central California and we want to make our move as light as possible on our staff. So we need to MOVE some product and we are making this easy on you. Many hot items at prices you can not pass up (many below cost). But once we are down to the desired qty we will remove these items and you will miss out. So start browsing now and take advantage of this very rare opportunity HERE.


Here are a couple items worthy of a quick mention:

MaxAmps 14.8vlt 6500mah battery packs at $70 below normal price HERE.

Bartolone Afterburner pipes at $70 below normal price HERE.

GRP tires and wheel combo for only $39 HERE.

WORX rear baja bumper for only $39.99 HERE.


BIG & FAST R/C makes it in the NY Times

Nic Case and his 161.76 mph R/C Car in NY Times


It’s not often you see R/C make it into national news, print or online. But when it does we are happy to see it and we like to share it with our readers. Like we did here when “BIG” R/C made it on the CBC news website.

Nic Case is well know in the Radio Control speed record arena and it’s for good reason. This guy is FAST! Read the entire article on Nic at the NY Times. Video is below.


This all kind of makes me wonder what the possibilities of the new Castle Creations XL Motor could bring to the HPI Baja and other Large Scale R/C? SkoPod got their baja to do 93mph with a 60cc engine last year. What’s this year and beyond going to bring to 1/5 scale?



RCX Chicago – Just get’s better and better


RCX Chicago August 6th 2011

RCX Chicago just keeps getting better and better by the day. This is going to be a must see show and let me just tell you a couple reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Chicago.

1. First you have the World Motor Sports Breast Foundation Cancer Drawing


2.  ALL of these events listed below (more detailed info HERE)

  •  Horizon Off-Road “Try Me” Track
  •  Horizon “Fly Me” Arena
  •  Win A Ride With Vaughn Gittin, Jr Formula Drift Champion
  •  World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser
  •  Super Cross Track
  •  Extreme Outdoor Fly Arena
  •  Traxxas Off-Road “Try Me” Track
  •  Indoor Fly Arena
  •  Rock Crawling Mountain
  •  RC Drift Track
  •  Kyosho dNaNo Track
  •  RC Tractor PullDrag Racing
  •  RC Drag Racing
  •  Kyosho Mini-Z Racing & “Try Me” Track
  •  Bash-A-Palooza Demolition Derby
  •  Monster Truck Demo
  •  Melros Park Indoor Grand Prix Go Kart Promotion

3. Chicago has the BEST pizza on the planet (just in my own humble opinion, I know I will be eating HEREat least twice while I am in town)

4. It’s CHEAP entertainment and you can save $5 by planning ahead HERE.


5. Meet some of your favorite brands and see all their product up close and in person.


6. Oh and did we tell you TGN will be there? Along with Turtle Racing? Yeah that’s reason enough if you ask me.


So are you going? Ok, Ok I know not everyone can go. If you can’t go then at least tune into our live coverage post and watch videos and check out images from the show while its happening. Watch for that post the days prior to the show.




TeamChase RC Quick Tips #1 – Turtle Rear Trans Plate

TeamChase Quick Tip #2 Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate

TeamChase RC Quick Tip #2 – Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate Modification

TeamChase has brought you another RC Quick Tip video. This time he walks you through the modification of a Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate and Turtle Racing One Piece Brake Mount. This modification allows you to remove your clutch carrier without the need to remove your rear transmission plate. Saving time and frustration.

TeamChase reminds you that this modification ONLY works on the Turtle products linked above on your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc or ss. They also point out that this will obviously void any warranty on the part ( we don’t think you will ever need one for this part). You can see these Turtle Racing products and many others HERE.

TeamChase is an active member in the Large Scale R/C scene and has a full product line you can see HERE.









Hostile BAJAFEST 2011 – A must attend event!

2011 Hostile Racing Products BAJAFEST Live Coverage


Hostile Racing Products Presents the 2011 BajaFest



– The Facts –


What: Known as one of the biggest and baddest Large Scale events on the planet

When: September 9th-11th

Where: 8456 Harpers Ferry Springwater, NY 14560 – MAP

How: Sell your dog and mother in-law to get there. Then CAMP out for 3 days!

Classes: All types of classes for 2WD & 4WD Large Scale R/C cars and trucks. (see more details below)

How Much: $65 per person with unlimited racing ($10 for guests per day)

What to expect: To be in a beautiful upstate NY location with fun people having an absolute blast for 3 days. Check out last years event coverage HERE.

Sign Up: HERE


LSN will be on location giving you all LIVE updates posting as many videos and images as possible. We look forward to seeing you all there.




More Event Details Below:

Mark your 2011 calendar for September 9th, 10th and 11th. You will not want to miss the biggest and baddest Baja gathering in the world. Here are just a few of the things that make Bajafest the one of a kind event that it is:


Registration is $65 for THREE full days of fun, racing and track time. This INCLUDES camping all weekend, UNLIMITED entry to ALL race classes and fun events as well as unlimited open track time. Spectators will be $10 per day. Camping on site is only for Bajafest registrants and a guest. Registration is a NON-REFUNDABLE as all income from registrations is immediately applied to Bajafest expenses.


-FULL on site parts support for HPI replacement parts and aftermarket products and accessories. You do not need to be your own hobby shop!

-Many manufacturers will be present to participate as well as sell and support their own products.

-Great deals on all purchases

-Free camping

-Close and convenient lodging for those that do not camp

-Food and beverage available on site

-Multiple tracks allow for simultaneous organized races and unlimited open track time

-Fun events such as drag racing and jumping contests

-One of the largest and highest value prize giveaways at any event

-Something for everyone from the racer to the basher. The focus is on fun and comradeship. No need to be intimidated by racing or events. Everyone is helpful and supportive and any and all parts will be available, so rest assured that you will have all the help and support you could ever need.

-2.4ghz RADIO SYSTEMS ARE REQUIRED. If you must use a 27mhz or 75mhz radio that uses a frequency or channel for a specific reason, please contact us at support@hostileracingproducts.com

What we will NOT have:

-No bad attitudes or drama

-NO Glass containers

-NO minors without adult supervision

-NO nitro vehicles on any tracks




Official events:


1. Off-road races (separate buggy, truck and 4WD classes)

2. Oval races

3. Night racing

4. Drag races

5. Jumping contest

6. Sled pulling competition

7. Tug-o-war

8. 20 vehicle dash-for-cash (this is a true crowd pleaser)

9. Always one open track for unlimited open track time all weekend


Bajafest sets the record every year for being the largest gathering of Bajas in the world. Our event philosophy, helpful staff, great Baja community and support from HPI USA and many aftermarket manufacturers help make our events unlike any other. Our focus is to keep growing Bajafest bigger and better with every event. Just wait until 2011. We are going to have some serious fun again!

Here are some statements made by attendees from previous years:

-“I just spent the last 2 days sleeping and recovering from Bajafest. Wow, was its amazing. It was so much fun meeting everyone from the forum and racing together. Big thanks to Rob for putting together a great event, a wonderful Baja friendly facility and the warm hospitality that he extends to all.”

-“the event at hostile race park in New York was a great weekend. I have not raced in a while but that weekend brought the spirit back. Look forward to next year will make the trip from va. again loved it thanks rob to you and your staff and family. A++++++ also to everyone i met. ”

-Re: Oval racing. “IMO, it was the Cats Meow of the event as far as racing goes. I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was that its a racing event that is accessible to everyone of all skills. Its as simple or as complex as the driver wants it to be. No special upgrades needed to go out on the track and have fun. The oval track at Hostile Race Park is something that I hope takes off for him as a National event. I’m also hoping that other tracks follow his lead and incorporate an oval into their curriculum. Great forward thinking on your track design Rob! ”

-“Thanx to Rob from Hostile for doing such an awesome job. He never stopped the whole weekend and is in desperate need of sleep! lol

Also thanx to all the sponsors! HPI, Turtle racing, Phatdad and Fast Eddy to name a few. I’ve been to tons of races and I’ve never seen so much merchandise given away. everyone left with hands full of parts!!! ”

-“This weekend felt like a week long vacation! I haven’t felt this relaxed in a LOOOOONG TIME! Thanks to all for the awesome welcome and amazing support! It was a true honor to be in such good company. So many interesting people with so much to learn too…. Everybody was so nice! The stories were freakin’ hilarious! One BIG Happy BAJA Family! ”

-“Bajafest was simply awesome. Great job Rob. I wish we could do it again next weekend. What a great bunch of guys, everyone was helpful and willing to give any information. I have been in the hobby for many years, including racing nitro and bajafest was the best because of the relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the fest and I would like to personally thank Turtle, PB, JR for the awesome parts and info they provided and of course Rob.”

Here is a link to the Bajafest article on the HPI website: http://www.hpiracing.com/news/2008072801/

AIRPORT: Rochester International, 1200 Brooks Ave, Rochester NY 14624 (585)464-6000 (44.7 miles away)





1. Logans Inn and Fitness Center – 100 Clara Barton St, Dansville, NY 14437 – (585) 335-5840 (14.7 miles away) www.Logansinn.com


2. Conesus lake Hotel/Roadway Inn lakeville – 6001 Big Tree Rd, Lakeville, NY 14480 – (585) 346-2330 (15.3 miles away) www.Conesuslakehotel.com


3. Quality Inn Geneseo – 4242 Lakeville Road, Geneseo, NY 14454 Phone – (585) 243-0500 (15.2 miles away)


4. Days Inn – Route 36 and Webb Crossing I-86 Exit 34 South, Hornell, NY 14843 – (607) 324-6222 (17.4 miles away)


5. Naples Hotel – 111 South Main Street, Naples, NY 14512 Phone (585) 374-5630 (18.3 miles away) www.NaplesHotelNY.com


6. Big Tree Inn – 46 Main St, Geneseo, NY (585)243-5220 (18.5 miles away) www.BigTreeInn.com




1. Allegiance Bed and Breakfast – 145 Main St, Mount Morris, NY 14510 – (585)658-3524 (14.6 miles away) www.Allegiancebandb.com


2. Greenwoods Bed & Breakfast Inn – 8136 Quayle Rd. Honeoye, NY 14471 – Phone (585) 229-2111 (14.8 miles away) – www.Greenwoodsinn.com





1. Holiday Hill Campground – 7818 Marvin Hill, Springwater NY 14560 – (585)669-2600 (4 miles away) www.Holidayhillcampground.com


2. Conesus Lake Campground – 5609 East Lake Rd, Conesus NY, 14435 – (585)346-2267 (11.5 miles away) www.Conesuslakecampground.com


3. Skybrook Campground – 10681 McCurdy Rd, Dansville NY 14437 – (585)335-6880 (17 miles away) www.Skybrookcampground.com


4. Tumble Hill Campground – 10551 Atlanta Back Rd, Cohocton NY 14826 – (585)384-5248 (16.4 miles away) www.Tumblehill.com



Hostile Racing Products is located at:

8456 Harpers Ferry

Springwater, NY 14560

Questions: support@hostileracingproducts.com



In case you haven’t joined us in the past for a Hostile race. The Hostile Race and Camping is located on our own private property on 38 beautiful wooded acres.

8456 Harpers Ferry Road

Springwater, New York 14560

(Upstate NEW YORK, 50 mins south of Rochester)


What to expect:

-Everybody will have to check in, guest/spectators will have to pay a $10 per day fee CASH ONLY.

-Everybody will need to sign a liability form.

-Age18 and under will need to be companied by an adult 21 and over.

-Camping around the racetrack is free to all registered racers and guest from THURSDAY EVENING (5PM) SEPT 8TH, 2011 UNTIL (NOON) MONDAY SEPT 12TH, 2011

-Will have rented port-o-potties

-Food Vendors will be on property Friday Sept 9th through Sunday Sept 11th for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (On your own Thursday & Monday)What we don’t have:


-Running water

Camping on the Hostile property:

-If you do bring your own RV or Pull Behind Camper we ask that you use your own shower. So you will need to fill up with your own water.

-Bring your own Generator

-All tent campers are welcome to use our household shower in our home.

-We have a gas grill if you would like to use it anytime.


There is parking on premise for all registered racers that will be staying elsewhere for the weekend.

Things you might want to bring:


-Flashlight (there are no lights in camping area’s)

-Bug spray, sun block, if allergies to bees please bring your shot!

-Drinking water


-Pop up shade canopy

-Table so you can work on your Baja

-Rain gear

-Tent camper, bring an air bed


We ask that you bring a great attitude and keep your area cleaned up, as this is our home. There are many wild animals so keeping food and trash in sealed up containers is highly recommended. We also advise against bringing your young children, as this is not a child friendly event.

If you have any further questions please contact Nicole at:



Hostile Racing Products


Our Products are only made in USA







Portable HPI Baja…put it in your pocket

HPI Baja 5b Key Chain with TGN Logo

HPI Baja 5b Key Chain with TGN on wing



Link for purchase HERE

Press Release:



This is an HPI Baja 5b Keychain with TGN lettering on the wing made by Kool Deal Designs.


Take advantage of this Special Introductory Price of $2.99.



Made from Zinc Die-Cast with a professional, shiny exterior appearance.


  • 2.5″ long x 1″ tall (65mm x 25mm). Thickness is 2mm.

Available in RED and ORANGE











Team FastEddy Engine Work Stand

Engine Work Stand Adapter by Team Fast Eddy


Part # 1302-TFE

Product link to purchase HERE


Press Release:




This workstand can be mounted on the Team FastEddy work stand to conveniently  hold your engine. You can mount your engine with or without the clutch housing.

You can use the stand with the KRD or any holder that has a 1″ pipe or smaller. Made of cold rolled steel and powder coated silver.

It will last a lifetime.


Stand sold separately.

Order the Team Fasteddy stand HERE.




Team FastEdddy Chase Cage Clip Tethers

Team FastEddy Body Clip Tethers for the TeamChase Roll Cage

Team FastEdddy  Body Clip Tethers for the TeamChase Roll Cage


Part # 1303-TFE

Product link to purchase HERE


Press Release:

Never loose a body clip again…

These Tethers are made from high strength multi-strand wire with an abrasive resistant coating. Ends are a thick metal and are mechanically crimped on to military specifications so they wont pull out.Great to use for the clips on the Team Chase Roll Cage. Makes removing the clips a snap. Also use them on your stock roll cage, battery box, or body. Tethers measure 5.75 inches from center of the eyelets.


  • (4) Tethers
  • (4)Clips