TGN Inventory Clearance Sale

TGN Inventory Clearance Sale

Link to GREAT deals HERE. (more items being listed daily)

Press Release:

Good news LargeScale fans. TGN is moving, to a larger facility to better serve our customers. Expect some great changes at TGN in the coming months including a new and improved TGN site design and much expanded product line.

So we admit, it’s HOT here in Central California and we want to make our move as light as possible on our staff. So we need to MOVE some product and we are making this easy on you. Many hot items at prices you can not pass up (many below cost). But once we are down to the desired qty we will remove these items and you will miss out. So start browsing now and take advantage of this very rare opportunity HERE.


Here are a couple items worthy of a quick mention:

MaxAmps 14.8vlt 6500mah battery packs at $70 below normal price HERE.

Bartolone Afterburner pipes at $70 below normal price HERE.

GRP tires and wheel combo for only $39 HERE.

WORX rear baja bumper for only $39.99 HERE.


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