TeamChase 5T and 5SC Front Bumper Brace ** UPDATED **

TeamChase  Bumper Brace for the HPI Baja 5T & 5SCTeam Chase Front Bumper Brace for the HPI Baja 5t and 5sc

. Part # 2710 Retail Price: $24.99

Go HERE to find out more. . .   P.




Press Release: .   This new product has been under design and testing at the “Chase Compound” for several months and now will be available in the coming weeks. A direct replacement for the stock 5t or 5sc front bumper brace. It is Stronger and impact resilient, and yes it is made from our special polymer blend thats been proven in our 5T and 5SC Roll Cage.


** Special Product Release Info **

. And to make this even better TeamChase is allowing you to follow along as the mold is being cut and finished up. Information and images will be posted as we get them in this thread so stay tuned.

** UPDATE 10-6-11 **


Almost in stock, should be here Wednesday and ready to ship.


** UPDATE 9-1-11 **


Check out this cool video TeamChase just put up.

** UPDATE 8-30-11 **



** UPDATE 8-29-11 **


Getting closer… thanks for the update Chase!

** UPDATE 8-21-11 **

TeamChase has sent in some new images. Machining is behind because they had an error happen on the machine and it ruined the mold. They started over fresh and you can see the cutting in action below. We hope to see these parts in the coming weeks.

** UPDATE 7-26-11 **


First image of the mold design, both sides, for the TeamChase HPI Baja 5t and 5sc front bumper brace. Pretty cool stuff. Kind of like behind the scenes.

TeamChase 5t 5sc front bumper brace mold image

Team Chase Front Bumper Brace Mold for HPI baja 5t and 5sc




When TeamChase was in the process of making their Roll Cage they also posted pictures and updates allowing you to see what really goes into a injected molded product. Check out the image below or HERE for the full gallery. . TeamChase  Roll Cage Mold Being Cut

EFRA 1/5 Off Road European Championship in Croatia


EFRA 1/5 off road european championship in Croatia

Our friend Andrea, a sponsored TGN driver has sent us an update of the EFRA 1/5 off road european championship in Croatia. Andrea has been driving for TGN for several years now and often sends us updates with images. We thank you Andrea for your continued support of TGN and all the updates you send us.



The 1/5 off road EFRA european championship report: HERE







No Limit RC UK – All Wales Truck Show


No Limit RC UK has checked in with LSN in the past and we always enjoy seeing what they are up to.  Looks like they have had another great showing in the UK where they show the crowds what true bashing is all about. Using mostly large scale cars, specifically the HPI Baja 5b’s.


See them at their next event, the Rallyday.

Follow their facebook HERE or


Press Release:




Saturday was Trade only and fairly quiet, so we took this opportunity to make sure the Bajas etc were ok for Sunday.   There were hundreds of vehicles – trucks, tractors, cranes,  from all over Wales all immaculately turned out, some with fantastic paint jobs.


The sun shone on Sunday and crowds of people arrived for an enjoyable days entertainment including tractor-pulling, stunt bikes, No Limit RC car display, a national tug-of-war competition, a demo fire engine callout & rescue using cutting equipment and lifting gear on a trailer that had ‘overturned’ on to a car.


We were given a good size arena with 2 wrecker cars to jump.   One of the haulage truck companies at the show Atlantic  Recycling let us use one of their skips to jump and drive  over, which added a bit of interest.


No Limit did three half-hour shows during the day, going out during breaks in the other activities.   The spectators enjoyed the bashing, acrobatics and aero-batics of the Baja  5B`s, 5SC’s and 5T’s.   The displays ended with the NoLimit trademark ‘smash’ through the tailgate windows of the cars, which was appreciated by our audience.


Thanks go to  the show organisers  for arranging the two cars and the area we used for our demonstration.


Six soldiers saved from roadside bomb in Afghanistan by toy remote-control truck

Six soldiers saved from roadside bomb in Afghanistan

by toy remote-control truck

This is not about Large Scale but it is about Radio Control and something close to us here at LSN. Our soldiers… We have reported about R/C being in the press in the past but this is a special report being that is saved lives. Check out the video and article below to see how our fun and exciting hobby is creating not only fun across the boarders it’s saving lives.


ABC News Article and Video HERE.





HPI Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition

HPI RACING Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition


Looks like HPI just made it easier for you to buy a 5SC and put your own powerful gas engine or electric conversion without wasting money on the stock engine. Even if this kit is not for you, it’s nice to see HPI giving us more options.

Get more information HERE.


Press Release:



The 1/5th scale Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition is an unassembled kit for racers that like to build their vehicles from the ground up. We added the high performance Power Control Slipper Clutch for drivetrain protection and improved handling through extra adjustability. Baja racers have been asking for a kit that allows them to use their own aftermarket engines, so the Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition is supplied without an engine.


The big addition to the Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition is the Power Control Slipper Clutch (PCSC). It uses three heavy duty clutch discs to absorb drivetrain jolts for extended drivetrain life and reduced maintenance. The PCSC also improves handling performance, just dial in the spring tension to track conditions for smooth and controllable launches. The amount of slip is easily adjustable using the included wrench and a new easy access gear cover. Included with the PCSC is a precision machined hardened steel 57T spur gear for maximum durability that rides on a ball bearing for long life. For custom looks, the aluminum outer plate is red anodized and laser etched with PCSC and HPI logos.



The Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition includes a high flow aluminum tuned pipe with steel tubular header, which combine to make an ultra efficient tuned exhaust system that fits securely inside the roll cage. Need to quiet things down a bit? We’ve also included a stock can muffler just in case.



To withstand the additional power of aftermarket engines, the drivetrain is set to Super Heavy Duty specs. Our race proven 8,000 RPM clutch is included, providing high RPM launches and capable of handling high horsepower engines. Massive 9mm dogbones are paired up with super heavy duty diff shafts and drive axles for a bulletproof drivetrain. The front end of the truck is beefed up with HD front wheel hubs that eliminate the use of e-clips. Updated rear hubs aid in both the durability and adjustability of the truck, allowing you to easily go from 0 to 4 degrees of rear toe-in to precisely tune the handling.

Castle Creations Warning & Recall advisory -Mamba XL and others

Press Release:

Advisory applies only to: PHOENIX ICE HV, MAMBA XL, and HYDRA ICE HV


The performance of a component used in the Castle Phoenix Ice HV 60, Ice HV 80, Ice HV 120, Ice HV 160, Ice HV 160 Lite, Mamba XL and Hydra Ice HV 200 controllers has changed from the original specifications for that part. This tolerance change may lead to failure of the affected controllers.


For your safety, we request that all customers cease operation of these controllers immediately. Send all of these controllers back to Castle for modifications required to improve the safety and reliability of these products. This recall includes all controllers labeled as V3. There are no charges associated with this modification.


The only controllers that are properly modified and are approved for operation will be labeled clearly as Ice 2 HV (Amp Rating), Mamba XL 2 and Hydra Ice 2 HV.


We understand that you may not wish to return your controller. Those that have served you well are likely to continue doing so; however, controllers that you may have recently purchased should be assumed to be assembled with the problem components.


If you insist on using these controllers, please be advised that the risks of continued usage begin with severe burns to you and/or others, as well as property damage to your RC vehicle or surroundings. Please wear fire-proof gloves when connecting any HV controllers that use 8 or 10 gauge wire to their power source.


Get more information HERE.
 Chill ‘n’ Grill event! August 2011 **UPDATED** Chill 'n' Grill event


The event is over and it looks like they had a great turnout. You can see images here:



Press Release from Baja Forum UK:

First off I just want to thank those of you that have supported the forum since it began in 2009, we are very thankful for the support we’ve recieved and the forum is going from strength to strength.

This year will be holding a 3 day long baja weekend event for our members here in the UK, it will be held at Husbands Bosworth in Leicestershire on the 5th,6th and 7th of August 2011. We will have a purpose built 1/5 scale track and bashing area as well as large camping area and facilities.

We are currently seeking sponsors and advertisers for the event itself, it would be great to get the forum in a pysical form meaning the advertisers on the forum provide banners for trackside which I will personally place and take pictures of so you can all see how the event went. Prizes and giveaways will be handled on the Saturday night if anyone is interested in giving product again I will get pictures and info of this happening for you.

I really hope we get the same support for the event as we do for the forum, this is looking like being the biggest baja event in the UK this year!

You can view the discussion thread HERE!

1/4 Scale Grave Digger Part 21 is up and live

1/4 Scale Grave Digger with V-8 from Conley Precision Engine

I am not sure how many of you may have been following this video series but I have seen them around here and there for a while now. I thought it was something worth sharing, I have been a big fan of small working scale engines for years. We reported on a 1932 Duesenberg once before on LSN.  I have a huge respect for those who have the time, patience and finances for these extremely cool and fun project and then are willing to share them with the rest of the world. Thank you rcWizzard!


I will let the videos do the talking and give you the needed links below.


See more about these particular engines at: Conley Precision Engines

See the collection of videos from rcWizzard at: rcWizzard You Tube Channel


Part 21 video is below:




Thanks to Jeff from Craftwerks-RC for informing us of the newest video release. 



HPI Racing 1/8 Scale Gasoline Powered R/C

HPI Racing announces a 1/8th Scale Gasoline Powered R/C for 2012

HPI sent out an interesting press release (image above is all they sent) the other day. Announcing an 1/8th Scale Gasoline Powered R/C for the year 2012.  Now for you 1/5 large scale  guys you may be used to the word “Gas” meaning only gasoline but for many people it is often the word used for nitro powered glow engines.  But this press release is using the word “Gasoline” and HPI more than anyone should know better than to use that word for anything other than a good ol’ spark plug using, 2-stroke running, pump gas powered engine.

So this is where it gets interesting. I only know of one company who has made small gasoline engines for R/C cars and that is the COMPAGNUCCI R/C CARS that come complete ready to run in a 1/8 scale package. They have been around for a while if I remember correctly but I have never seen much of them here in the US. The press release image shows a monster truck but it also shows a nitro style engine sticking out with no spark plug so I believe this image is just a place holder to throw you us all off.

We will be keeping an eye out for more news on this and inform you as leads develop. We are always happy to see inovation in our industry and as a fan of HPI and gasoline this is something we are excited for.