Mammuth Rewarron – Giant 1/3 Scale RC Truck Project


Mammuth Rewarron 1/3 Scale R/C Truck – 8-12 Update


The guys over at Mammuth Works sent in some links and information to LSN the other day about their 1/3 scale RC truck project. This was the first time I had ever heard of this truck project and I was happy to learn more. I browsed around their site, checked out pictures and watched the videos. This is one cool project and we hope to keep our readers informed of its progress as they move forward. They were nice enough to give us an updates on the project which I have posted below. Get ready to be blow away.

Update 5-30-14

First images

Update 3-10-14

CG images – premium carbon chassis

New Video 10-20-13

Another test!

New Video 9-39-13

Project Update 4-16-13:

New promo video and new website. Things are looking good!


Project Update 2-8-13:

Project Update 10-19-12:

Site Update HERE

Project Update 10-16-12:

Servo prototype in the works:

Project Update 10-14-12:

New model options posted below:

The specifications are:

–          the same running gear / frame / suspension as the premium model, made from             ………..steel, stainless steel, no alloy components

–          50cc, 4 stroke engine with the max. speed: 40-50km/h

–          Torxis i00800 servos (two piece), 57kgcm torque, 750ms / 90 degree speed

–          central brake, which brakes only the rear wheels through the driveshaft

–          no custom electronics, only the receiver

–          fiberglass chassis, available in some designs


Suggested reatail price: 5.500 USD, but you can buy only through resellers, so resellers wanted! 🙂


Because of that, we changed the Premium models specifications, for 15.000USD you receive the full modell:

– fiberglass / carbon fiber body

– alloy components

– tuned engine (110-125ccm)

– on-board controller

– two sided telemetry

– telemetry center PC which stores the data (and uploads to a cloud if required)

– drive by device (iOS, Android), you can adjust the car setup on a tablet, laptop or an ….smartphone

– follow the sensors values: fuel level, voltage, G-forces, compass, GPS, RPM, speed, etc.


and Premium+ model:

–          you can create your own Rewarron, custom materials, colors, accessories, chassis, wheels, anything you want!

–          target price: 30.000 USD, but it needs final specification based on your requirements, and then we will give an exact bid

Project Update 9-25-12:

New video added.


Project Update – 8-27-12:

Prices have been posted. Looks like its going to take $15,000 or $30,000 to get behind the remote of one of these trucks. More details about what your hard earned money will get you HERE.

Project Update – 8-2012:


Recently, we put together the car as much as possible. Structurally, the car is almost finished. We need to test several custom made components in the next couple of weeks (brakes, differential, steering, suspension, control system). The car is absolutely custom built from scratch. We used only quad wheels and engine (110ccm, 4 stroke).
In September we try to make a short commercial about it and try to spread it around the net. The car then will be available for pre-order. There will be no series production, only unique orders, where the customer can make some changes on his car (color, accessories like lamps, spare wheels, etc.
The car has a completly new control system and “brain”. You can adjust the brake balance, ABS, traction control, adaptive steering sensitivity. You’ll be able to monitor the car performance from web browser/tablet/smart phone (brake pressure, brake temperature, engine temperature, RPM, speed, GPS coordinates, accelerometer, etc.)
The car could also be driven by any kind of tablet/ smart phone from it’s application.

Please note, that this car is only the very first prototype, we need lots of testing! The final version of the car will available in the end of this year (final frame and suspension with full telemetry)

We just finished the chassis decals and painting and brought it out for a small photoshoot. I attach some images from this event, but we would like to ask you, that this post should be visible on 20th august. Because we organized a small event on our facebook page (, where the car will be showcased for the public. We will upload a gallery and a new video at that time as well.

Every important factory video will be available here:


TeamChase RC Club Race Series 2013 – BE THERE!



TeamChase RC Club Race Series 2013 is here!


We are only days away from the first 2013 event at the TeamChase Compound April 20th. The hype has already started and it’s looking to be a GREAT turnout as always at this great facility.

Not only has the track been completely changed but a lot of facility improvements have been made. To keep up to date on these improvements and all things TeamChase follow their facebook HERE!


Or get more info and keep up to date with the series at

For pics and video and event coverage from the past events at TeamChase Compound, browse our image gallery HERE or just put TeamChase into the LSN search box.


Dual Motor Losi 5IVE-T – Serious Brushless Power!

dual motor brushless losi 5ive-t


Losi 5IVE-T with Dual Brushless Castle Motors

Check out this custom project by our friends Byron and Kavi. We were told of this crazy idea they had a while back and the first video is now finally available to the public. This is just the first of many to come so stay tuned here on LSN for up to date video releases and information on their build. This Brushless Twin Motor Losi 5IVE-T is sure to hit some serious top speeds here this summer.

Below are some details of the project. Watch the video down below.

Byron: Design/Fabrication/Builder

Kavi: Programmer/Software/Gearing tech

Losi 5IVE-T Platform

custom dual motor mount

custom esc mount

2 x MGM Compro TMM 40063-3 X-SERIES 400A ESC
2 x Castle Creations 2028 780KV Motor
2 x Hitec HS-5765MH HV Digital Metal Gear Giant Servo
Darksoul Dual Steering Servo Mount
Castle Creations BEC Pro
2 x Gens Ace 65C 5300MAH 6S Lipo
Futaba 614FF RX
Futaba 4PKS with 11dBi Antenna & 1W External Amplifier Mod
8mm Bullet Series Parallel Connectors
8AWG Silicone Wire
Custom Spur
Team Chase Diff Locker

Building time 3 months

Cost $6000.00

dual motor losi 5ive-t twin