TeamChase No Flex Aluminum Chassis for Losi 5IVE-T


Losi 5IVE-T No Flex Chassis from TeamChase

Now shipping! Check out this beefy chassis from TeamChase for your Losi 5IVE-T. All the strength you need without sacrificing very much weight. Bashers and Racers will surely find this new TeamChase product a good investment.

Part Number: 2730

Product Link: HERE (Free shipping)

The TeamChase No Flex Chassis for the Losi 5IVE-T is the industries only aftermarket option for a replacement chassis. Including high quality design and engineering that you have come to expect from TeamChase. With the strength and durability you demand on your large scale Losi 5IVE-T. If your a racer you will appreciate reducing chassis flex and increasing your consistency on lap times. Bashers will love the No Flex Chassis from TeamChase because it will help reduce other damage like spur gear and pipe issues so commonly found in the 5IVE-T.

This Chassis replaces the stock Losi 5IVE-T part number LOSB2540 and fits to the stock truck perfectly. Made of aircraft aluminum and anodized black for a clean finish.

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RobotKitchen shares somes sneak peek videos!

robot kitchen gopro 1/5 baja videos

RobotKitchen does it again. Get’s us very excited for 2013!

Check out these two new additions to the RobotKitchen collection. He is showing off an entirely new interior built with moving driver and steering wheel, working navigations, two volt meters, MP3 player and now a working shotgun shaker scoop with working butterflies!

One video below shows off his new HPI Baja Barndog Panels on top his TeamChase cage all running with the RC4WD MTZ Mickey Thompson tires.

We are very excited to see what RobotKitchen will bring to us in 2013! If this is just a sample then I can only imagine it’s going to be spectacular!

Merry Christmas from TGN and LSN

Merry ChristmasmerryxmasTGN

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the LSN readers and supporters of TGN Distributing. On behalf of all our team members here we thank you for your continued support of my personal dream for more than 13 years now.

The story behind these photos will be shared some time later but for now enjoy one more show below, only seen here for LSN readers. Have a great Holiday!


RC4WD Mickey Thompson New Years Give Away!


RC4WD and TGN gives you FREE stuff!

RC4WD is offering up two pairs of their Mickey Thompson MTZ 1/5 tires too TWO LUCKY WINNERS!

To win just click HERE to get to RCLS and post your favorite image of your 1/5 scale RC.

TGN is also throwing in 3 Mickey Thompson iPhone cases for the best images posted on the thread.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years from RC4WD and TGN!

The Driver Stand talks with Andrew Himan from HPI about the new Savage XL Octane

The Driver Stand talks to Andrew Hilman from HPI about the new Savage XL Octane and more!

 Take a listen to the newest postcast from The Driver Stand. Craig talks to Andrew Hilman of HPI about the new Savage XL Octane with the small 2-stroke engine. Read more about the new Gas Powered Savage HERE.

Take a listen at this direct LINK or check out their blog HERE.

HPI Racing Savage XL Octane – Two Stroke 1/8 Scale!

HPI Savage XL Gas Powered 2 Stroke – OCTANE!

Look what Santa brought us….. Ok I know it’s not ready for resale and there is no acual release date. But it’s like getting a IOU from Santa, it’s from someone you can trust right? So be happy and enjoy the new information on the HPI RACING 1/8 scale Savage XL two-stroke powered gas machine!

We talked a little  about this car earlier but there was little detail of its release. It’s LARGE and it’s Gas powered so we are going to follow the release of this machine and we will get our hands on one to review as soon as possible. While the image above does say “prototype shown” it’s clear they have made some changes. Including a much larger carb, which looks almost like a full size Walbro. I can not see a pipe in the image but I am sure there is a tuned exhaust stuffed in there somewhere.

Stay tuned to LSN for more information as it’s release. Official link from HPI Racing HERE.


Killer-RC packs 2300mah into your transmitter for LiFe

23000-life-transmitter-packKiller-RC 2300mah LiFe Transmitter and Receiver Battery pack

Check out what the brainiacs over at Killer-RC have been up to. They figured out a way to get even more run time out of  your large scale RC receiver pack or your transmitter. They have build a enormous 2300mah LiFe pack that fits inside your transmitter  So if your like me and often forget to check your transmitter batteries, it will be more often than not that you WILL have a charge to go play.

Check out the details HERE and watch for more updates when this pack will be available.


Browse the other great products from Killer-RC for your Losi 5IVE-T HERE or your HPI baja HERE.