RCX 2012 Long Beach – Live Coverage

RCX 2012 Long Beach LIVE


NEW IMAGES NOT LOADING – PLEASE GO HERE FOR over 400 images and videos.


Follow along and watch the progress of TGN and its vendors getting ready for the biggest show of the year. More to come.


Ask questions, see new product details and exclusive images posted on THIS thread RCLS thread.

Gallery is updating LIVE below with the newest images at the top.


DAY ONE is over and done with. The new location has brought more spectators than ever. Lots going on in the TGN booth and tomorrow I will do more close up shots of the builds and new parts coming out. Thanks to all our vendors who make this amazing booth possible.  Great seeing some of our readers today and I hope to see more of you tomorrow.



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John Schultz is now at Horizon Hobby


John Schultz now at Horizon Hobby


Last week we posted  about one of our good friends John Schultz leaving HPI Racing. Well several days later we now see he has officially made the move to Horizon Hobby, home of the Losi 5IVE-T. We said it in the previous post and we will say it again, John is a valuable member of of the large scale industry and the hobby industry in general. We are happy to see him stay within our industry and even better he has went to Horizon. I just hope he can have continued influence on Losi to promote and support the large scale industry. It would be great to see more events around the 1/5 scale platform sponsored by Horizon or Losi. Only time will tell….

The word on the street is he will be making his first appearance at the upcoming RCX show this weekend in Long Beach. We look forward to seeing him and maybe getting an interview with him to talk about his plans in his new position.


Press Release:


Good Morning,


I am very Excited to make an official announcement that I have taken a position with Horizon Hobby Surface Marketing Team, as the Field Marketing Manager.  Many of you know I have been a hobbyist for almost 30 years in the RC industry as well as owning my own aftermarket performance parts company.  I look forward to utilizing my experience and knowledge to assist Horizon Hobby, as well as the industry, grow in the future.  I look forward to continuing our working relationship and providing the quality and level of commitment that you know and can depend on.  If there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to contact me.  I have included my new contact information below.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!  John Schultz Field Marketing Manager – Surface Category Marketing Horizon Hobby, Inc.


Horizon Hobby

4710 East Guasti RoadOntario, CA 91761

Email: jschultz@horizonhobby.com


RC Hobbies & More 5th Scale North East Championship


Looks like we have another large scale event preparing to go down. It’s so great to see these events popping up. We are hearing about more events and more tracks opening than ever before. This even look like it has all the ingredients to be something very special. Including coverage by RC Driver Magazine. Lots of classes for both 2WD and 4WD 1/5 large scale cars and trucks will make this event very exciting and competitive. Oh and that electric class is sure to be a hit! Get all the other details below. Expect more info in the coming weeks.


When: June 8th – 10 2012

Where: Winsted CT

Event Promoter: RC Hobbies & More

Sponsors: TGN, Team FastEddy, RC Driver Magazine, DogPile Racing 

More Info: Erwin@rchobbiesandmore.com or 1-860-738-7534


John Schultz leaves HPI RACING


John Schultz leaves HPI RACING


I just received this official announcement from HPI about John Schultz leaving HPI RACING and his departure as their event coordinator. Details are bleak at the moment but I can tell you they are loosing a very valuable team member. John is one of my favorite people to find and greet when I arrive at an event. He is always full of energy and he has the best spirit on the track. Competitive yet helpful and willing to share all of his knowledge to all who ask. Not only is he a valuable employee to any company but I believe he is an asset to our industry and I can only hope he remains within it.

As a tribute to his efforts in R/C and specifically to Large Scale, I will spend the next few days preparing an interview we have on file with him at the West Coast Baja Nationals. Look for that soon in the LSN INTERVIEW section.


We wish John the best of luck in his future plans and hope to report any future news here on LSN. Press Release below.



Press Realease:



HPI RACING would like to announce that John Schultz has moved on from his position as Event Coordinator at HPI RACING and is no longer an employee of HPI RACING. John has been a valued member of the HPI RACING family and we greatly appreciate and acknowledge his contributions to HPI RACING. We would like to wish John all the best in all his future endeavors and extend our sincere gratitude for his long standing service.

HPI RACING will continue it’s commitment to produce innovative, high performance, fun RC products and support our customers to the fullest. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and fans for your longstanding and continued support of HPI RACING.

For event and promotions related inquiries please contact Andrew Hilman, HPI Marketing Supervisor at ahilman@hpiracing.com






Thanks to Modified-RC we now have a filter for one of the dirtiest parts of our Losi 5IVE-T trucks, the gas cap. Finally an option to keep those pesky little holes free of dirt and debris causing issues with your fuel system. More details below.

Part Number: MRC-4132

Product Link: HERE

Press Release:


A lightweight aluminum cap that locks onto the gas cap, and houses a filter element that eliminates the gas cap vent hole from getting plugged up while running.


  • Aluminum cap
  • Filter element
  • Instructions
  • Sticker


TGN Booth – RCX Long Beach 2012 will ROCK!

RCX 2012 Long Beach -TGN Booth Updates


** UPDATE ** TGN booth has been updates to an “attraction” due to all the excitement to be going on under one booth. Thanks for my vendors and supporters!

News link HERE.


Every year TGN and its vendors try to please the thousands of visitors who attend this religious r/c event. Not every attendee owns a 1/5 scale or may have not ever even seen one in person. But when they leave the show you can bet they are in awe of these powerful cars and trucks we have on display. They will leave with hundreds upon hundreds of images of our vendors custom builds and products display. This year will be no less….check out the updates as they become available below.

TGN is a proud Silver Sponsor of the 2012 RCX Long Beach Expo.

LSN will be offering up live updates with images and video of the show. So if you are unlucky enough to not attend them make sure to come back here to get all the inside scoop on the large scale scene at RCX 2012.


Confirmed Participating Vendors:

Team Chase, 101 Raceway, Amsoil, Team FastEddy, BZM Micro, DDM, Kraken RC, SkoPod, Bartalone Racing, RC4WD, Killer RC, RaceCarPrototypes, Hemistorm, DT-1 Filter and more…

We have several cool displays being planned for the booth this year. We are working on getting some 1/1 full scale toys in our booth as we always have. We have TeamChase confirmed with a UTV and SkoPod has confirmed they are bringing their super cool Sprint Car along with them for everyone to enjoy. We also have confirmed that DT-1 Filters will be bringing the Factory Rockstar Suzuki for display which should be a great addition.


Check out all the new attractions going on this year. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger. CLICK HERE!

We look forward to seeing you all there. Check back at this post for more details as they become available.

Team FastEddy 15mm Clutch bell Shims

Team FastEddy 15mm Clutch bell Shims for the Losi 5ive-T


Another new item today from Team FastEddy. His shims have always been a favorite with hardcore racers and bashers and these look to be no exception. Looks like this will work with your Losi 5IVE-T and HPI Baja

Part Number: 1319-TFE

Product Link: HERE


Press Release:

Shimming your clutch bell properly is an important part of properly
servicing and maintaining your RC.

To much play can cause undue heat and alignment issues resulting in premature bearing failure.
This kit contains 4 shims. 2 Units .1 and 2 units .3
With these units you can mix and match them for the perfect fit.
Combinations will get you the following thicknesses.
.1,.2,.3,.4,.5,.6,.7,.8mm Perfect for any clutch system needs.
For use with ALL Losi 5ive clutch bells and clutch systems. Turtle
Racing clutch system for the HPI Baja


Team FastEddy Offers up Losi 5IVE-T Droop Screw Bump Stops

TFE Droop Screw Bump Stops for the Losi 5ive-T


Not too many manufactures have more track time on their Losi 5IVE-T than Eddy of Team FastEddy. He has been putting tank after tank through his new 1/5 scale and has already developed several products for the 5IVE-T. Check out just another HOT item he has released today.

Part Number: 1316-TFE

Product Link: HERE


Press Release:

Team FastEddy Droop Screw Bump Stops for the Losi 5ive-T

Droop screws play a large part in chassis tuning on the Losi 5ive-T.
The droop screws are steel and the chassis is aluminum. It doesn’t
take long for the screws to gouge out and trash your chassis. Along
with that its very hard to keep a constant droop setting. In true Race
Fashion, Team FastEddy has addressed this issue with Steel Bump Stops
that mount onto your chassis. Extremely light weight and durable you
will no longer have to worry about changing droop settings or trashing
your chassis and can concentrate on winning races.

Losi 5IVE-T Tutorials – By Horizon Hobby

Losi 5IVE-T Tutorials by Horizon Hobby

Got my recent edition of TORK emailed to me from Horizon and I thought I would share some of their new Losi 5IVE-T Tutorials on everything from un boxing to break in, to shock maintenance etc. Watch before or go HERE for the most up to date videos.

For the fastest and easiest factory parts finder on the web, check out the TGN Losi Parts Finder HERE.

Shock Rebuild

Post Run Maintenance:

Break in and Preparation:


LSN Midweek Web Surfing – Robots are cool too!


LSN Midweek Web Surfing

When browsing the web we come across some cool stuff sometimes. Not all the time is it related to “Large Scale” and sometimes not related to R/C at all. But we feel compeled to share so we often post them in LSN Finds but though we needed a new category for these types of posts. So from time to time we will post up our LSN Midweek Web Surfing post sharing some of our finds. We hope you enjoy.



Fighting R/C Robots

Just when I thought navigating an R/C around a track is complicated. Check out these R/C robot fighters.



Self Healing Plastic

Check out this plastic that heals itself. I am not sure I will ever own an R/C with this technology but I bet maybe my kids will.  Read more about it HERE.



BigDog from Boston Dynamics

Sticking with the robot theme, have you seen the crazy cool BigDog from Boston Dynamics? Watch the video below and see the evolution of this crazy R/C


Check out their other gadget they are working on. This thing could be FUN in the right settings. I have a feeling my kids (or maybe grandkids) will get some pretty cool toys to play with.  Found that one while browsing Big Squide RC.


 Completely Random

Came across this video on youtube of a movie bear I had worked with back in my animantronic days. His name is Bart the Bear and he is no longer alive but he made a serious carrier in Hollywood while he was alive. Watch the video below how well he is trained and works with his owner Doug. I have personally seen this bear walk on his hind legs like a human for something like 15+ feet, it was crazy. Enjoy….