John Schultz leaves HPI RACING


John Schultz leaves HPI RACING


I just received this official announcement from HPI about John Schultz leaving HPI RACING and his departure as their event coordinator. Details are bleak at the moment but I can tell you they are loosing a very valuable team member. John is one of my favorite people to find and greet when I arrive at an event. He is always full of energy and he has the best spirit on the track. Competitive yet helpful and willing to share all of his knowledge to all who ask. Not only is he a valuable employee to any company but I believe he is an asset to our industry and I can only hope he remains within it.

As a tribute to his efforts in R/C and specifically to Large Scale, I will spend the next few days preparing an interview we have on file with him at the West Coast Baja Nationals. Look for that soon in the LSN INTERVIEW section.


We wish John the best of luck in his future plans and hope to report any future news here on LSN. Press Release below.



Press Realease:



HPI RACING would like to announce that John Schultz has moved on from his position as Event Coordinator at HPI RACING and is no longer an employee of HPI RACING. John has been a valued member of the HPI RACING family and we greatly appreciate and acknowledge his contributions to HPI RACING. We would like to wish John all the best in all his future endeavors and extend our sincere gratitude for his long standing service.

HPI RACING will continue it’s commitment to produce innovative, high performance, fun RC products and support our customers to the fullest. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and fans for your longstanding and continued support of HPI RACING.

For event and promotions related inquiries please contact Andrew Hilman, HPI Marketing Supervisor at



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