HPI Racing BAJA 5SC SS KIT WITH 29cc ENGINE #107522

Product Part # 107522

Press Release:


The exciting 1/5th scale Baja 5SC short course truck gets the 29 treatment! The Baja 5SC SS29 comes as an unassembled kit that you get to build from the ground up. If you enjoy the process of custom building your own R/C vehicles, the Baja 5SC SS29 is the kit for you.


The Baja 5SC SS29 is more than just a kit version, it’s packed with extra speed and a long list of option parts. The powerplant has been upgraded to the high performance Fuelie 29s engine, coupled to a high flow aluminum tuned pipe with steel tubular header. Combined with the 8,000 RPM clutch, the Baja 5SC SS29 has some serious grunt to help propel it to speeds in excess of 40MPH! Need to quiet things down a bit? We’ve also included a stock can muffler just in case.




The powerful Fuelie 29 gasoline engine propels the Baja 5SC SS29 to speeds in excess of 40mph. With a dual-element air filter, easy pullstarting and convenient Torx T-27 screws, it’s easy to keep running on standard pump fuel and 2-cycle engine oil. And best of all, you can run for more than 45 minutes on a single tank of gas!


Super Heavy Duty Parts

Because of the ever-increasing power demands of Baja owners around the world, and the constant desire to cram as much power in the Baja chassis as possible, we’ve added all-new SUPER Heavy Duty drivetrain parts that will make sure the Baja 5SC SS29 can handle extreme conditions and massive power!


The Baja 5SC SS29 follows the HPI innovation of upgraded ‘Super Sport’ models that feature kit versions of popular HPI RTR models, with additional option parts added to enhance the enjoyment of your kit. A long list of option parts are included with the SS version of the Baja 5SC. As you build the kit, you add in the options that come in the box, and add your own radio gear (receiver, throttle servo, and receiver battery). As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in-depth instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your truck for maintenance and easy servicing. The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!


HPI 1/5 Scale 4WD Flux Brushless SC Coming Soon

HPI Racing 4WD 1/5 Scale Brushless Flux Large ScaleHPI Racing 4WD 1/5 Scale Brushless Flux SC

We reported on a possible release of a HPI 4×4 1/5 scale several weeks ago and one did show up to the Hostile Bajafest. But this slick truck eluded us and we were never able to catch it in person or driving on the track. But we did here that the truck ran well from the few lucky people who were able to catch John Schulz doing a few laps.

Ever since our Castle Creations HPI Baja 5b Brushless build we have been very excited to see where Large Scale Electrics would take us. It’s been a little quiet to say the least but this new model from HPI Racing is exciting to me and I hope to see more of it in the near future. Check out the Sneak Peek Video Below.


Talk about Large Scale Brushless HERE and tell us what YOU think?



Help preserve your rights regarding hobby materials

Urgent Notice – Your Immediate Action Is Needed

Send Your E-Mail By October 10

Help preserve your rights regarding hobby materials

So this may not be Large Scale specific but it does affect a LOT Of people who I know love hobbies. I know many of you love rockets and you need your batteries for all scales of R/C so lets do our best to help our hobby and send some emails.


Press Release from Tower Hobby:


Dear Tower Hobbies Customer,


Many people are concerned with new government regulations that are designed to limit our hobby industry. You’ve probably heard about the new FAA regulations limiting our use of R/C airplanes and proposed shipping bans for R/C batteries.


New regulations are being considered regarding model rocket motors. This may not immediately impact your particular hobby but it’s just another step toward regulation of materials used in hobbies and deserves your attention.


The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently advised that they propose to terminate a special permit under which model rocket motors and igniters have been shipped for the last 33 years. If the permit is terminated model rocket motors and igniters will no longer be able to be shipped as “Flammable Solids” and will instead have to be shipped as “Explosives.”


In 33 years there have been no incidents involved in the shipping and transporting of model rocket motors and igniters.


Hobbyists need your support. Attached is a sample e-mail that we request you send immediately to express your support.


We believe that shipping model rocket motors and igniters as “Explosives” would only cause unnecessary concern for hobby shops, educators, youth group leaders and families using model rockets for educational and recreational purposes.


If you believe as we do, please send an e-mail to the Department of Transportation no later than October 10, 2011.


To assist you, here is a sample e-mail:


TO: specialpermits@dot.gov

Subject: DOT-SP 7887 Show Cause Response


Dear Associate Administrator,


The purpose of this e-mail is to request that DOT-SP 7887 be kept in force as written. The Special Permit, previously DOT-E 7887 has been in place since 1978 and is used by many of us who enjoy hobbies including model rockets, motors and igniters.


To my knowledge, there has never been an incident involving the shipping and transporting of model rocket motors and igniters. Further I believe that shipping these products as “Explosives” will create unnecessary fear and difficulty for those handling, transporting, receiving, storing, selling and using these products.


After 33 years of use, the termination of the Special Permit is unwarranted and possibly damaging to an educational and recreational product that has an excellent record. In closing, I again request the Special Permit be kept in place as written.


– Your Name and Address




No Limit RC UK

The No Limit RC UK guys are at it again. It is so nice to see these guys time and time again going out to not only have a LOT of fun but to promote the hobby of R/C and bring these exciting shows to the masses. Our hat is off to you all at No Limit RC UK. Thank you for all your efforts.

Check out their facebook for more images HERE


Check out their official website HERE


Press Release:

his was a real petrol-head event, with hundreds of car club vehicles on display including the Sierra Cosworth 25th Anniversay display. There were Wildcat white-knuckle rides, rallyraid demo with Dakar and off-road vehicles, challenge truck display and winching demos, 4×4 club displays, rally car rides around the circuit and off-road. The 2 top current WRC drivers were there, Kris Meeke and Matthew Wilson, plus ex Stig Ben Collins who interviewed some of the injured servicemen regarding Race2Recovery. The aim is to race in the 2013 Dakar Rally to raise funds for wounded British servicemen and their families.

NoLimit had an area between the car parking and entrance, so there was a continuous audience for most of the day. The circuit provided us with 2 wrecker cars to damage. Unfortunately, after a warm and sunny day on Friday when NoLimit was organising their arena, the weather changed to be cold and windy with monsoon-like squalls which made it difficult to do the usual NoLimit display as there was not a lot of grip on the grass or jumps. NoLimit just used their HPI Baja 5Bs and managed to keep the crowd entertained with some good jumps and aerobatics. Uber RC and MMR Largescale also came along with their RC cars to join in.

It was a really exciting day, despite the weather. A father with his young son was watching NoLimit at the end of the afternoon. He said (about his son) “he didn’t want to come here this morning, now I can’t get him to go home!” I think that sums up the event.

Thanks Brian and Darin for letting us be part of your rallyday. It was excellent!

Losi 5IVE-T vs HPI Baja 5SC in weight, size etc.

Losi 5IVE-T vs HPI Baja 5sc

LSN Compares the Losi 5IVE-T to the HPI Baja 5SC in length, width, height and weight.


LSN has received several request to explain the differences between the Losi 5IVE-T and the HPI Baja 5SC. In time we will cover more details about how each truck differs but we wanted to start with the exterior of the two trucks and cover the basics. We decided to get both of these trucks out and take some photos to give you an up close view of how these two truck differ in these areas, Length, Width, Height and Weight. You will also see the overal profile of these two trucks and how they differ.

Please understand this is not a comparison as to which truck is better. We are simply showing you the scale of the two trucks because we know so many of you have seen the popular HPI Baja 5SC and not so many have seen the Losi 5IVE-T. Below is the video where you can get all the details. We will also list the specs below for those of you with short attention spans.


Our next video will cover the tires and how they differ from the HPI tires. As for interchangeable parts, other than the engine and some engine accessories like HP filters etc the tires are the only think on the Losi 5IVE-T that will interchange with HPI Baja’s.



Losi 5IVE-T vs HPI Baja 5SC


Length from bumper to bumper

5IVE-T: 38″

5SC: 37 1/2″


Width between the two front wheels

5IVE-T: 20 1/2″

5SC: 18″


Weight of the the trucks W/O gas

5IVE-T: 37lbs 2.5oz

5SC: 29lbs 4.5oz


Height of the trucks

This was hard to measure but you can see in the image that the 5IVE-T is shorter by maybe an inch and has a whole different stance and overall profile.


Losi 5IVE-T vs HPI Baja 5sc

2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals


2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals

2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals



Link to HPI for more information: HERE

Check out our coverage of the 2008 Baja Nationals HERE

Check out our coverage of the 2011 East Coast Nationals HERE





Press Release:


Milestone RC
12685 Holly St
Riverside Ca.

Nov. 10-13
Thursday Practice
Friday 2 rounds
Saturday 2 rounds
Sunday Mains

Sportsman Buggy
Sportsman Truck
Expert Buggy
Expert Truck
Elect Baja
(Personal transponders required)

Pre Registration
Before Oct. 15th
45.00 first class
15.00  additional
Oct 15 -10th
55.00 first class
25.00 additional

Mail entries to:
Giant RC
18620 Cajon Blvd.
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Contact info:
CA Residents: 909.887.9700
Non-CA Residents: 1.800.266.7745
Email: Larry@GiantRC.us


RPM 82312 HPI Baja 5SC Rear Bumper Mount

RPM 82312 HPI Baja Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket

RPM 82312 HPI Baja 5SC Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket


Great News. Now you no longer are stuck with choosing side mounted pipes on your HPI Baja 5SC. With this new part from RPM you can now run most rear mounted pipes on your truck and still keep your bumper and mud flaps. Oh and even better you get a stronger skid plate with the deal. Bargain! Thanks RPM for being in touch with the Large Scale industry. We are happy to have you here producing quality parts.


Product Link: HERE

Part Numper: 82312


Press Release:


The stock rear bumper mount on the HPI Baja 5SC does not allow the use of current, highlypopular rear-mountedexhaust pipes. That is no longer an issue! RPM Rear Bumper Mounts use our verypopular 5B / 5T rear skid plate, coupled with an all new bumper mounting system that perfectly mateswith stock components while keeping the rear bumper in the stock location. However, with an RPMbumper mounting system installed, you’ll have a large enough gap behind the rear bulkhead to run thoserear-mounted pipes you’ve been wanting.

The RPM Rear Bumper Mount for the HPI Baja 5SC is a five-piece design that eliminates thetwo stock components that would normally interfere with a rear-mounted exhaust pipe. Our bumpermount is designed for strength, durability and exhaust pipe protection and as an added bonus, weighs inmore than 5 grams lighter than the stock components they replace!

RPM Rear Bumper Mounts are molded in black in our trademark blend of extremely toughnylons and are backed by our world-renowned limited lifetime breakage warranty.

RPM 82312 HPI Baja Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket

RPM 82312 HPI Baja Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket

RPM 82312 HPI Baja Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket



101 Off-Road RC Track & Club of Northern California

101 Off-Road RC Track and Club of Northern California


LSN Track Announcement.

Do you want your public Large Scale track or club announced on LSN. Send us and email at LSN@TGNdistributing.com with all the information  and we will gladly post it here for you.



Track information

101 Off-Road RC Track & Club

525 Stony Point Road
Petaluma, CA 94954

Mel Aguilar
Managing Partner


At 101 Off Road RC our number one rule is “Have Fun”. Our tracks are available from 8am until 7pm five days a week, only closing Monday and Wednesday. Members enjoy two off road rc tracks, the north track is a world class one fifth scale course covering 1,056ft and the south course is a one tenth/one eight scale course covering approximately 790 feet. Visitors are always welcome and we encourage visitors on race day when the gate combination(silver lock) is always set to 1234. If you would like to become a member please see ourMembers area.

We usually hold races twice a month, one for fifth scale buggies and trucks and one for tenth scale short course trucks. Racers are required to have current ROAR membership and one day memberships are available at the track on race day. For the tenth scale races you can always “run what you brung”. Whichever track you run on you can expect a realistic short course racing experience, power sliding into a turn and throwing a rooster tail of dust and rocks behind you.

You don’t have to be a member to race. To see when our next races are scheduled please see the Calendar page. Thanks for visiting this site and be sure to check back regularly as this site is currently under construction.




**UPDATED**Rumor has it RPM has a new HPI Baja Part coming soon…

RPM RC Products to possibly release a new part for the HPI Baja 1/5 Scale??


 **UPDATED 9-28-11**

TGN now has this new 82312 HPI Baja 5sc Rear Bumper Mount & Bracket as a pre-order. Check it out HERE.


Check out the sneak peak picture we just got in. You saw it here first! So the question is… How did I get a rear mounted DDM Dominator on a HPI Baja 5sc? I wil share more images and information on RCLS. Check out the thread HERE.



LSN has been tipped off that RPM could be releasing a new product for the 1/5 HPI Baja. RPM has a decent line of products for the HPI Baja but it pales in comparison to say the Traxxas Slash. So when we here rumors of a 1/5 scale part we get pretty excited.

Our sources say it could be here as early as next week. Watch LSN for all your up to date Large Scale News.

You can see all the RPM products for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t and 5sc  HERE.

Now we just need to see what they can do for the Losi 5IVE-T, now that could get interesting…








King of the Ring Dennis Anderson Fall Classic ShootOut 2011


Get more info HERE

October 15, 2011

Registration opens @ 8am

Registration closes @ 10am

Qualifying begins @ 11am

Pre-register at Debbie’s RC World

2 rounds of 5 minute qualifiers

Sub A-Mains 10 Minutes

All A-Main 15 Minutes

$30 single car Entry $40 for Unlimited Entry before October 14th

Entry fee on Ocotber 15th $40 Single Car $50 for Unlimited

Personal Transponders REQUIRED!! No House Transponders

Classes are 5b oval, 5t/5sc oval, EDM oval

A-Main Payout is 1 $200, 2 $100, 3 $75, 4 $50

B-Main Payout is 1 $40, 2 $25, 3 $10

C main top two can bump up. B Main top two have the option to bump up. Bump up forfeits purse to run for bigger purse. If top two in B-Main chooses not to bump, Keep going down until we fill the field.