**UPDATED**Rumor has it RPM has a new HPI Baja Part coming soon…

RPM RC Products to possibly release a new part for the HPI Baja 1/5 Scale??


 **UPDATED 9-28-11**

TGN now has this new 82312 HPI Baja 5sc Rear Bumper Mount & Bracket as a pre-order. Check it out HERE.


Check out the sneak peak picture we just got in. You saw it here first! So the question is… How did I get a rear mounted DDM Dominator on a HPI Baja 5sc? I wil share more images and information on RCLS. Check out the thread HERE.



LSN has been tipped off that RPM could be releasing a new product for the 1/5 HPI Baja. RPM has a decent line of products for the HPI Baja but it pales in comparison to say the Traxxas Slash. So when we here rumors of a 1/5 scale part we get pretty excited.

Our sources say it could be here as early as next week. Watch LSN for all your up to date Large Scale News.

You can see all the RPM products for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t and 5sc  HERE.

Now we just need to see what they can do for the Losi 5IVE-T, now that could get interesting…








1 thought on “**UPDATED**Rumor has it RPM has a new HPI Baja Part coming soon…”

  1. I could be completely wrong on this count, but in last months Radio Control Car Action, in the Bigtalk section there was an article on Baja must have upgrades, was a bit at the bottom of the page on the RPM variable valve shock pistons that they make for their 1/10th scale gear, but I remember it as being stated also now for the Baja range.
    I went straight on their website and could not find any mention of the product, itsept for tenth scale vehicles, I originaly thought it was a mistake, but having seen this before I came to the conclusion they would be available soon.
    I will buy them because I had them fitted to my HPI MT2 and Firestorm, and the control was phenominal the wheels went up and down like the suspension of a Ford F150 pre-runner flat out in the desert, the wheels barely left the ground. I am sure they will be ace and a lot cheaper than the two other manufacturers, and work as well if not better.
    The only other item’s I would like RPM to release would be more light pod styles,also in 5th scale,and the rear bumper to fit the T, SC and B, this would be a copy or simialar to the Slash rear bumper they make, and also have the option for rear LED light’s to be mounted to it, this is more than likely going to be it IMO.
    So along with their excellent 5B front bumper light pod mounts with a more universal mounting option to mount in other places, or as a light mount for the roof of the 5T and new Losi, as a bank of ten or more iris LED’s like the new Killer-Rc ones,or as the 5B ones designed for their front bumper/skid plate,I have used these in different places than they were designed for, and they work brilliantly, number three on my RPM must have hit list are the shock spring and rod protector’s, again made for 10th scale Traxxas models, these would be a must have, but would need to be an extra as I would not trade my Darksoul and FullForce spring perch’s for them if they were direct replacementfor the perch, but as a stand alone to fit between the perch and spring, now those I would buy, or if they are more like the Traxxas Stampede lower a-arm mounted shock guards that bolt to the shock mount and a-arm, as these also will be a worthwhile upgrade.
    I have all the parts that RPM make for the Baja range, itsept their plug cover, and having the 5T one on my B, and the other B is now a Truggy, and my T has a TC cage, so I have no need for it, otherwise I would buy it because of the robust nature and reasonable priced option’s that RPM have manufactured over all my years as an RC enthusiast.

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