TGN visits Tokyo Japan

Mark Hull in front of the Tamiya Store

I was lucky enough on my honeymoon to Japan and Korea to convince my wife to allow me to do a little “business” and check out the local hobby scene.

Above you can see I was able to check out the Tamiya Factory Store. The models were down stairs and RC upstairs.  They had just about everything they make on display at this store, you could spend hours and hours there. Oh and thousands and thousands of dollars too.

Below you can see the Kyosho Factory Store. It had a lot of great stuff on display and the best part was they served beer and rented out the tracks and r/c cars. So to get the whole experience of course I ordered up a brew and 30 minutes on the track and away I went. Myself and my wife enjoyed the smaller of the two track for some reason…may have something to do with our skill level. HAHA

TGN visits the Kyosho Factory Store

I was able to visit a handful of hobby stores while in Japan. Some extremely small and kinda random and others about average for a hobby store in the US. They love to hang banners and other bright and cluttered advertising materials.

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Hobby Shop in Tokyo Japan