LSN Hostile Bajafest 2011 Wrap-Up




Hostile Bajafest 2011

When we returned from the 2011 Hostile Bajafest we posted about our thoughts and offered up some important links HERE. I would like to personally thank the Hostile family once again for an amazing event and to congratulate them on what we believe was the largest HPI baja turnout ever with 200+ cars and trucks. Also a big congrats on hosting the world exclusive release of the Losi 5IVE-T. Way to go Hostile!

An unofficial release of the HPI 4WD 1/5 Scale Flux Short Course was also done at Hostile. While it was done quietly (no pun intended) and there were no pictures or video allowed it was still pretty cool to have HPI in house showing off a new product as well.

We wanted to gather our best images and video and throw them into a wrap-up video on youtube. Check it out below.

Since then we have also uploaded over 500 images which now include our qaulity action shots you come to expect from LSN. Check out the album HERE.

Only bummer about the Hostile Bajafest is that you have to wait a year before you can do it again. But there is no doubt we will be there next year, see ya there!


Here is a video we did for youtube, mostly images with some iPhone video mixed in.

Check out the video posted by Jeff of Craftwerks-RC . He has some great racing footage you will want to see.




Bajafest 2011 action shot


Losi 5IVE-T at the Hostile Bajafest 2011





Dunetoberfest 2011 Images and Video

Dunetoberfest 2010 buttercup chase cage trevor simpson motor



We have returned home from the best Dunetoberfest EVER! We had a great turnout and enjoyed ourselves more than ever before. It was so nice to see the core group of people there year after year, the ones who where there from the beginning. Once we get some time to edit our photos and upload them I will make a wrap-up post on Dunetoberfest 2011.


To hold you over, here are some images we were able to upload while we were on location.


Oh and check out this video that Frosy posted up of the Losi 5IVE-T carving up the dunes in a nice little sand bowl. This truck was modified to run in 2WD for this experiment. The truck ran better than we could ever imagined. Even in 4WD it ran great, we will have video of that soon too.

So we told you where we plan to spend our Dunetoberfest 2011 in a post a few weeks back. Now we are going to update you with images and video from our trip (depending on internet coverage). We leave Tuesday October 18th down to Craftwerks-RC headquarters for a pit-stop where we will pick up all his gear. We should be pulling into Buttercup by Wednesday just in time for the world famous carne-asada by the Mance family.


To hold you over, you can see hundreds of images of past Dunetoberfest and other events on our SMUGMUG account.


This year we will be bringing more cars than ever before. We have our old faithfull 5t with TeamChase cage and Trevor Simpson reed motor which happens to be the car we built for the first Dunetoberfest many years ago. We also have our Castle Creations brushless 5b coming on our trip and for the first time she will be seeing sand under its wheels. We are excited about this one. Then we have our Losi 5IVE-T which we can not leave without. There is a lot of talk how this 4wd may handle in the sand, especially the dunes. We will answer that question for you. And last but not least we are building an all new HPI Baja 5b that will have the new BZM-Micro 28.5cc reed motor installed. I think that’s enough toys for one trip.


Here is a short video our shop manager test running a couple of our rigs for Dunetoberfest. Kenny has been hard at work fixing, building and tweaking these cars and trucks for us. At some point we have to let him out to play…enjoy.


** UPDATE Saturday 12:00 PM **



Photos are being uploaded as we get internet and time from playing. Check out the photos HERE.

The turnout this year is great, so many regulars back as well as a good amount of first timers.




Getting trailer loaded.


2 hours away.


Almost there.


Here. Plenty of room. Come on out!


Not sure what is all in this but I am just going to call it heaven. WOW! More please!

Setting up camp.

20111020-085014.jpg 20111020-085034.jpg

Jeff getting some work done. 20111020-121436.jpg

Losi gets a new pair of shoes. 20111020-121541.jpg


Losi 5IVE-T in the dunes at Dunetoberfest

Losi 5IVE-T in the dunes at Dunetoberfest

Testing the BZM 28.5cc:

Craftwerks-RC 5T/5SC Billet Side Rails Announces “Gunmetal” Billet Side Rails for the HPI Baja 5 SC/T.


Part Numbers and Product Links:

Side Rails: 11635

Standard Body Pins: 11639

Extended Body Pins: 11651



Los Angeles, Ca. – has just released the latest version of one of their top sellers! The V.2 “GunMetal” billet side rails are anodized to match the latest HPI Baja 5SC factory parts( will fit 5T models as well). Craftwerks-rc’s Latest version of Billet rails are also now sold without body pins to allow the end user to purchase the pins of their choice. We now offer stock length and extended billet pins for use with the Baja SC model. ( longer pins allow you to run a front mounted pipe on the SC that uses body pins as a mounting point. You can also use the extended pins to push out the rear body/fenders for more tire clearance.)

The CraftWerks-rc’s billet side rails are lightweight and are built tough. Machined from 6061 and anodized so they will last for years to come.

Available as of 10/13/2011!!!

View the entire product line of Craftwerks-RC HERE.

Oneill Brothers Racing Baja Gear System


Oneill Brothers Clutch Bell and Gear Set System

Own a HPI Baja? Own a Turtle Racing HD Clutch System? Need a wide range of gearing sizes for your HPI Baja? OBR has come to your rescue with this great new Gear and Clutch Bell System.

Let’s start with the clutch bell. This is a steel CNC machined clutch bell that is made specifically for the TR HD Clutch System ( a proven system and the choice of most experienced baja owners). The bell is machined with flats that lock in the pinion gear into place and allows for a simple screw at the end to hold it into place. Clean, light and simple.

The spur gear attaches to a simple billet aluminum carrier that eliminates the stock carrier and dampeners to simplify and lighten the overall typical all steel gear system. Allowing for a unique way to change your spur gear sizes without the investment of a complete spur gear. So you own one carrier yet you can purchase multiple sizes of spurs.

We are saving the best for the last. Sizes…BIG sizes... Check out this selection of sizes, 20/54 , 21/53 , 22/52 , 23/51 , 24/50 and the big bad 28/46.

Clutch Bell Part # 1704

Spur Gear Carrier # 1703

Gear Set:  20/54  –  21/53  –  22/52  –  23/51  –  24/50  –  28/46






Robinson Racing 1/5 Scale Brushless Gears 8t-21t


Robinson Racing 1/5 Scale Brushless Pinion Gears

Part Numbers: 8208 -8212

Product Link: HERE

Finally you have a choice when looking for your 1/5 Large Scale Brushless Pinion Gears. Now in more sizes than ever available from the leader in R/C gears, Robinson Racing.

They are making pinion sizes as small as a torque monster 8t to a whopping 21t for all out top speed. Depending on the application and vehicle there may be some modification needed to your mounting plate in order for some extreme sizes to fit. LSN will do some testing on our in house Castle Creations HPI Baja 5b and report back soon.



FastEddy installs the HPI Baja 5SC Rear Skid/Bumper


RPM 82312 HPI Baja Rear Bumper Mount and Bracket

Team FastEddy installs the RPM HPI Baja 5SC Rear Bumper Skid

Team FastEddy has an enormous collection of instructional videos on his YouTube channel, 334 to be exact. He covers everything from single part installations like the one below to full kit build videos showing from start to finish. Not just 1/5 scale either, he is currently working on multi part series of the popular Axial Wraith.

In the video below FastEddy walks you through installing the new RPM 82312 Rear HPI Baja 5SC Bumper/Skid. Simple as it may seem, this one gets a little tricky so having this video running while in your workshop will prove to save you some time over reading the installation instructions.

See more of Team FastEddy videos and discussions HERE.

Purchase the RPM 5SC Rear Bumper Skid HERE.


Losi 5IVE-T Tires & Wheels vs HPI 5SC and Others


LSN Compares the tires and wheels of the Losi 5IVE-T compared to the HPI Baja 5SC


Our video last week comparing the Losi 5IVE-T and the HPI Baja 5SC in size and shape was a huge hit so we thought we would expand on that concept. The truck is not available yet to the public so we hope we can at least feed your 5IVE-T apatite just a little with these videos. Interested in getting your name on the list to buy one? Get it from your Large Scale Super Store TGN HERE.

With the big news of the Losi 5IVE-T large scale out in the open. The questions of “Will HPI tires and wheels fit the Losi?” or “Will Losi tires and wheels fit the HPI?” have been thrown around a lot. LSN wanted to answer some of your questions but we though it would be best to do it with images but in video form. We have taken close up images of the wheels and tires from the Losi 5IVE-T and the popular HPI Baja 5SC and tried to explain and show you some of the differences.


Ask your questions below in the comments section or continue this conversation in more depth HERE.




Losi 5IVE-T Tires compared to many other aftermarket tires

Losi 5IVE-T with RC4WD sand tires

Losi 5IVE-T with RC4WD Paddles


ISC Street Meet – Oct. 9 – Santa Rosa Ca

ISC Street Meet October 9th 2011 – Santa Rosa Ca


ISC Challenge (ISC) is an organization of people

dedicated to the world wide promotion & growth

of speed run racing as it pertains to radio

controlled (R/C) cars.


Look out for their yearly event date on their webpage soon. Their original date was the same weekend as the HPI West Coast National so I believe they decided to look at another date in order to get the large scale guys out their.

Last year at their big yearly event we saw a great turnout of large scale cars and truck.



See their official website HERE

DarkSoul & TeamChase giving away free parts.

OK so there is a small catch…But it’s simple and I bet many of you would qualify. DarkSoul and TeamChase are making it easy to win FREE parts. See the press release below.

Or go directly to the site and start posting NOW.

I see a lot of people logged in as guests on, an amazing amount of people actually, and would like to see more people actually signing up as members to this forum. I really believe with the amount of manufacturers from HPI, Losi, Killer RC, Team Fast Eddy, TGN, DDM, Chase Racing, and so on, that you cannot find better tech and advice anywhere else on the web when it comes to large scale vehicles. So with that, a little incentive for you all to actually join up as a member instead of lurking as a guest


  • This is for NEW members only, signup date as of yesterday – 10/1/11, you will be required to make one post in this thread stating that you “are in” for the contest.
  • Must have a minimum of 15 quality posts to win (by Oct. 31th) No “welcome”, “nice paint”, “great picture” 2-3 word posts, real content, be it tech questions, tech contributions, picture post etc. but true content.
  • Giveaway ends Oct. 31 (Halloween)
  • One winner will be chosen by random number generator
  • Winner must PM me their ship to address within seven (7) days of winner drawing to redeem prize, or the next closest will be chosen


Your choice of DarkSoul Dogbones, v.2, v.3, or v.4 (SC)

AND a Team Chase v.2 Dyeable cage