ISC Street Meet – Oct. 9 – Santa Rosa Ca

ISC Street Meet October 9th 2011 – Santa Rosa Ca


ISC Challenge (ISC) is an organization of people

dedicated to the world wide promotion & growth

of speed run racing as it pertains to radio

controlled (R/C) cars.


Look out for their yearly event date on their webpage soon. Their original date was the same weekend as the HPI West Coast National so I believe they decided to look at another date in order to get the large scale guys out their.

Last year at their big yearly event we saw a great turnout of large scale cars and truck.



See their official website HERE

2 thoughts on “ISC Street Meet – Oct. 9 – Santa Rosa Ca”

  1. I go to this when I get a chance.
    Its a lot different then any other RC event you will go to.
    Have you ever seen an RC go over 100MPH?
    I have… And you can to.

  2. I love this event . I am a member of the ISC 100 mph club and it feels GREAT. Thank you ISC for this event and all others you do . Without them no one would believe that My Brushless Creation could go over 100 mph. They made U.F.B.C. official . Thank you . p.s. They are always looking for new members.

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