DarkSoul & TeamChase giving away free parts.

OK so there is a small catch…But it’s simple and I bet many of you would qualify. DarkSoul and TeamChase are making it easy to win FREE parts. See the press release below.

Or go directly to the site and start posting NOW.

I see a lot of people logged in as guests on RCLargeScale.com, an amazing amount of people actually, and would like to see more people actually signing up as members to this forum. I really believe with the amount of manufacturers from HPI, Losi, Killer RC, Team Fast Eddy, TGN, DDM, Chase Racing, and so on, that you cannot find better tech and advice anywhere else on the web when it comes to large scale vehicles. So with that, a little incentive for you all to actually join up as a member instead of lurking as a guest


  • This is for NEW members only, signup date as of yesterday – 10/1/11, you will be required to make one post in this thread stating that you “are in” for the contest.
  • Must have a minimum of 15 quality posts to win (by Oct. 31th) No “welcome”, “nice paint”, “great picture” 2-3 word posts, real content, be it tech questions, tech contributions, picture post etc. but true content.
  • Giveaway ends Oct. 31 (Halloween)
  • One winner will be chosen by random number generator
  • Winner must PM me their ship to address within seven (7) days of winner drawing to redeem prize, or the next closest will be chosen


Your choice of DarkSoul Dogbones, v.2, v.3, or v.4 (SC)

AND a Team Chase v.2 Dyeable cage

3 thoughts on “DarkSoul & TeamChase giving away free parts.”

  1. “I am in” for the contest….Currently I own A HPI Baja 5b SS…While running the Baja my servo that handles the braking and throttle started to smoke caught on fire. When I removed the servo from the car I noticed that the fire started at the bottom of the servo were the circuit board is located.The type of servo I used was the Futaba S3305 Standard High-Torque…This has never happened before and I was curious what could have caused this product to literally catch on fire…Could it be faulty product or too much braking? Thx Guys!!

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