RCX 2011 LSN Wrap-Up

RCX 2011 has come and gone and once again the TGN booth rocked the Pomona Fairplex. Every year TGN picks up the biggest booth possible and asks its vendors to come fill it with R/C goodness. Just like the years past, we were told the TGN booth was the show stopper of the event. Even RCCA says so, see HERE.

The TGN booth had 25 vendors being represented from all over the globe. The winner for the farthest traveled is BZM-Micro who came from the UK.  BZM-Micro premiered their motors’ first public release just a few months before production units start to ship.

TGN would like to thank all those who made this booth possible. Without you, it would not be the same. Thank you for your continued support and effort to bring large scale r/c to the masses. There’s no doubt this exciting booth will bring further interest into our niche part of an exciting hobby. We would also like to thank RCLargeScale for giving our readers a LIVE view from our booth all weekend.

Here is a list of the participating companies inside the TGN booth:

TeamChaseTeamFastEddyBZM-MicroBajaSkunkWerksOneill Brothers RacingPythonRC4WDMilestone RC ParkTurtle RacingRonShopKrakenOuterwearsGRPThunder DesignsSBSDDMRCPSkoPodBajaAddictsKiller RCBartolone RacingATXBegitechHostileCSTTGN



See several hundred more images in our SmugMug gallery HERE!



See a video of the TGN booth being built up and the crowds that filled it over the weekend HERE!


Lets take a spin around the booth:


TeamFastEddy and Team Chase brought dueling RZR’s to show off their new baja racks mounted up in the rear. What a way to travel! I am sure we will see these in October for sure!


Team Chase released their new Rear Shock Towers for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, SS, 5SC. Get them HERE! This was an exciting release because this is a part many have been begging for years to be made! Chase also released a limited edition Silver Cage which can be seen HERE.



Check out these rear racks for the RZR’s. Not sure if Team FastEddy will be selling these  but he should. Eddy was showing off his new brushless build as well as his new Mud Flap Ornaments .and  Port Covers.

BZM-Micro had lots of motor parts out and on display including a 5SC with their 28.5 and the TGN truck with their 40cc prototype Raptor engine. See the 40cc HERE!

The new Bizeta 28.5cc HPI Baja Motor from BZM-Micro.

The soon to be released BZM-Micro 40cc! Watch the RCX video HERE!

Baja Skunkworks was nice enough to bring his tank build for everyone to see. We often had to come by and wipe up the drool off the floor around this table. They also had their famous 2-speed and front brakes on display.

Oneill Brothers Racing had a table filled with Horse Power for all to touch and feel. Including their new twin for the HPI Baja just was hard to take your eyes off.

Python was present to show off some of their new goodies including the new super light weight Spur Gear Carrier which is now available HERE. They also displayed some of their Short Course parts like the billet nerfs for the Traxxas Slash.

RC4WD took up the biggest space in the TGN booth in order to display an amazing collection of scale trucks and crawlers of all types. They also showed off several of their licensed products. No one is doing scale realism and licensed product the way RC4WD does it, great job guys! Check out two of the hottest licensed products, the 2.2 Interco Swampers and the 1.55 Irok. They also had two models handing out flyers and freebies all weekend.

MileStone-RC and Giant RC had a great display promoting their local track and hobby shop. They also had video running to show large scale newbies what track racing is all about.

Turtle Racing was not able to make the trip and grace us with their presence but they were kind enough to participate in the booth, send a display, and show a HPI 5SC in the TGN booth. Thanks Turtle, we want your full size rail in the booth next year.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get Ronshop out to the show but we were lucky enough to get a couple of his new builds. An all new EDM on a HPI Baja 5b and his new Blitz SC body. Thanks RonShop, we hope to see you next year in the flesh.

Hostile was also not able to make it out west but he provided us with a nice display of his products and a HPI Baja 5SC with his new MX-T Tires. Well done Hostile, hope you can leave your compound next year and head west to see us all.

Outerwears always sends up product to display and sell at our events. The truck shrouds are always a hit.

GRP had all their products on display at RCX, including many of their popular smaller scale tires and wheel combos.

ATX had a brand new HPI Baja 5sc set up with all their poly products installed for spectators to see in person and installed.  Thanks ATX!

Begitec has a HPI Baja 5sc on display with their billet rims installed. The style and quality of these billet rims are unmatched in the industry. TGN also announced at RCX that Begitec is condensing his product line and will soon be using TGN and others to do all the distribution of his product. Watch the TGN site for more info.

Kraken was present in the TGN booth showing off their Bullet Fueler and the new Chase Cage Adapter. What a fast and clean way to fill your baja, you got to check it out!

SBS was on hand showing off their Simple Baja Stand as well as giving the spectators a close up look of the CST VW build. These stands may be simple but they work GREAT!

The boys at SkoPod came to please. They brought there blue carbon car and the speed challenge car for all to see. They also launched the releases of a limited edition HO motor to be sold at TGN HERE!

RCP brought some serious eye candy to RCX 2011. They showed off their soon-to-be- released solid color bodies, as well as a killer on-road baja 5t build with their wide body shell.

BajaAddicts was at RCX to sell tickets for their amazing raffle they did for Red Cross. Over $6,300 was raised at this critical time for the American Red Cross and everyone involved should be very proud.

Bartolone Racing was on hand to show off all types of new products. Including a new reed cage, billet engine case, new Torpedo Pipe and his crazy twin cylinder for the HPI Baja. Oh and don’t forget that crazy 4wd Baja!

Killer RC flew out to be a part of the TGN booth and set up this nice display of all his great products. Leave it to the electronic genius at Killer to incorporate an iPad 2 into his display.

DDM made the trip from Utah and as always had lots of eye candy on display. DDM is not only a retailer but also a manufacturer of a great line of products.

Thunder Designs had a couple new HPI Baja 5sc body wraps on display. These will be coming soon HERE!

Last but not least, TGN had a few new items to launch as well. TGN has teamed up with the famaus DT1 filter company to launch a new line of filters made specificly for the large scale r/c market. These are the largest filters on the market while still fitting perfectly in the baja with or without reed case and clearing the fuel lines. See more HERE!

Own a billet filter? Tired of your element moving around or is it just dirty? DT1 and TGN has the solution. Get it HERE!

TGN also brought a brand new flex fit hat to the show that is now available HERE!

Also now available is the first ever LSN shirt! Get yours HERE!

TGN also announced it will now be stocking the Barndog Racing Aluminum panels for the TeamChase roll cage.

This year at RCX TGN was able to spread the large scale footprint at the show by having two more cars in two other booths. We were able to build this truck with donations from aftermarket companies and it was displayed smack dab in the middle of the official HPI booth.

With the help from SkoPod TGN was able to get the first part of this project car up and ready just in time for RCX. It’s our FG based F1 car with a Castle Creations Brushless System. Look for more on this build soon.


TGN also had some track time on Saturday so the gang from HPI, SkoPod and MMR made some noise on what ended up being a track way too small for large scale but still fun none the less.


BZM Micro 40cc Raptor being test run outside the fairplex. We weer later told to shut it down because we are causing a bit of interuption to the show. A hundred plus people poored ot to watch this beast RUN.

And that’s a WRAP! See you all next year!

RCX 2011 TGN Booth

RC4WD welcomes John Thornton to their team.

RC4WD Press Release March 25th 2011

RC4WD has a commitment to the RC Hobby and Sport, and with that, we would like to welcome John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton as Team Manager for US and International Drivers, recently handled by Tom Allen.  With John’s experience, we are looking forward to him taking the team to the next level.  He started in the hobby over 10 years ago and has a broad interest in everything RC from Helicopters to Crawling to Scale to Short Course, and recently Large Scale.

As President of Western PA Crawlers, he has been instrumental in developing and growing the club and general interest in RC in Western PA and the surrounding areas.  John also owns Networkhobbies.com, a site that networks clubs and hobbies of all types.  Three years ago, John took on the role of Rockcrawling Event Manager for Motorama, a two day competition that results in over 45,000 spectators.  It has earned a spot as a USRCCA Qualifying Event and looks to become “THE” event on the East Coast.
We look forward to working with John in the future on developing and unifying the RC4WD Team.  With this renewed focus, we are very excited to see where John takes the team concept in the future.



Big News: Go On the Road with RCX!
With the tremendous success of RCX over the past nine years, the ultimate RC expo is now going on the road! As the only RC national tour of its kind, “RCX On the Road” will be traveling the country, bringing the excitement of RC to multiple destinations. First stop will be Chicago, as the thrill of RC is brought to the Windy City on August 6, 2011. Additional destinations in 2012 will include Orlando and next April, RCX moves from Pomona to Long Beach, CA, the hotbed of RC action. Nonstop action on the tracks, in the air, on the water!

RCX has teamed up with EventWerks to bring the largest consumer RC expo to these new markets. From the Midwest to the Southeast, RC enthusiasts, exhibitors and sponsors will be thrilled to experience this one-of-a-kind event in their own backyards! Indoors and out, multiple hands-on opportunities to test their skills, along with pro races, amazing flying demonstrations and the latest products from top manufacturers to touch and try, will offer attendees an insane one-day experience!

Limited and exclusive sponsorship opportunities will be available. Become an RCX sponsor or exhibitor. Contact Forrest Melton at 949-891-3254 or Forrest@RCX.com to secure your spot at the ULTIMATE RC Expo.

Catch RCX On the Road!
RCX Chicago, IL – August 6, 2011, Odeum Expo Center
RCX Long Beach, CA – April 28, 2012, Long Beach Convention Center
RCX Orlando, FL – Winter 2012

Baja Addicts Red Cross Raffle Winners **UPDATED**

Red Cross Raffle HPI Baja 5t Bajaaddicts

Red Cross Raffle HPI Baja 5t Bajaaddicts


See more hi-res images of this HPI Baja 5t HERE!


What a great success story this is. With the efforts of so many a lot of money was raised for the good people at Red Cross.  TGN and LSN would like to give a big huge THANK YOU to the team at BajaAddicts for doing such a great job on this project, we were glad to be a small part in such a positive thing for the R/C industry.


See images of the RCX show and other details of the days events HERE.


Drum roll……Lets announce the WINNERS!

  • Ken Plumb: Grand Prize $10,000 Baja Package
  • Arthur Vanorder: 1/12th Hpi Mini Trophy Truck
  • Derek Cook: RC-Skin Product Package
  • Alfred Gutierrez: Castle Creations E-kit/Thunder Power RC Package & Bartolone Afterburner 5T Pipe
  • Rene  Vuijst: Bartolone 5B Side Mount Pipe
  • Rich Morris: $25 Pacific Coast Hobbies Gift Certificate
  • Vincent B: $25 Pacific Coast Hobbies Gift Certificate
  • Eric Gulbranson: $25 Pacific Coast Hobbies Gift Certificate
  • Brandon Thorpe: $25 Pacific Coast Hobbies Gift Certificate
  • Beyan M: $100 Tulare Hobbies Gift Certificate (Unable to contact you please contact sales@tgndistributing.com)
  • Brian Campbell: $150 Proline Racing Gift Certificate
  • Arno Mardirossian: Duratrax Charger
  • Shawn Umphries: Jetpro 5SC Pipe
  • Michael Salvana: $30 Tower Hobbies Gift Certificate
  • Bob Cross– BZM-Micro Engine

Winner Ken Plumb and his new HPI Baja 5t. Here is his comments:

The truck is awesome!! Very fast!!! After i broke the engine in that thing screams! The kill switch works great with spectrum gear. And I got all the lights to work.

This is a very cool truck! Great build and thanks for everything!!

HPI Baja 5t Winner Ken Plumb

More details on the BajaAddicts Red Cross Raffle




RCX 2011 LIVE Update Post.

Are you going? You should! But if you can’t then settle into this post and watch for ongoing exclusive updates till the day of the show as well as live updates throughout the two days of non stop action.

LSN has teamed up with RCLargeScale.com and they plan on covering the event including interviews with your favorite large scale manufactures. So keep an eye on that site, we will direct you to important posts and other information they are gathering from inside this great event.


* Can’t make it to RCX to get the show deals? Then go HERE for RCX specials all weekend long!

* Follow LSN on Twitter for notification of news from RCX. Or follow our FACEBOOK page.

* Want to see images of last years RCX? Click HERE for 2010. Or HERE for all other even     coverage from the past.



Got an iPhone? Watch www.rcCrawler.com/iphone for live video feeds.

Chat about RCX at RCLargeScale.com HERE!

Get SALES going live now HERE!

BZM-Micro 40 bringing the show outside. We started it up and and people almost ran outside to see it in action.

TGN  track time had some great action with several HPI bajas racing around for the crowds. The orange and blue truck was owned and driven by John Schultz of HPI. This was one of the first time he was trying out his new TGN Track Pipe. He says it runs great and is very happy with its performance.

The Black truck is the BZM-Micro truck with the new Bizeta 28.5cc engine.

VIDEO – On Location Upload.  BZM-Micro showing off their prototype 40cc Bizeta motor. Tuned and built for higher octane fuel from the UK. But it still ran VERY well.

Some more images of our booth and others. Show is OFF THE HOOK!



John from HPI had a very custom 5SC on display which had a TeamChase cage and the TGN track pipe on it. John says he “love it”


Here is a HOT one for you. Lets get the morning started right! New TeamChase part! Something we needed for years!


Check out the BZM-Micro 40cc Raptor! Thats what was in the mystery image below. More images and video of this one coming soon.



SkoPod is ready to go.

**  UPDATED **

Hostile booth coming together.


Turtle table coming together.


Tim from SkoPod mid trip.

** UPDATED 3-18-2010 3PM **

The folks from MMR are here in California building and prepairing theire Bizeta monsters.

Check out this video testing the 28.5 dropped into a stock 5sc.

** UPDATED 3-18-2011 **

Take a close look at this.  It will be on display and demoed at RCX! Come watch it in action!

Any ideas? Post your guess below in the comments and the winner gets a brand new LSN shirt.

** UPDATED  3-14-2011 **

TeamFastEddy to release another ( Servo Mount and Truck Girls) new item at RCX.

** UPDATE 3-14-2011 **

TeamFastEddie will be hitting RCX in style. Check out his RZR and matching 5SC.

** UPDATED 3-14-2011 **

TGN is up to something….Watch this video to see what was happening late last night at the SkoPod workshop. More video and details coming soon. To be released at RCX 2011.





** UPDATED 3-12-2011 **

Check out this new part from TeamFastEddy coming soon. It’s a radio box eliminator for the HPI baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS when doing an Electric Brushless Conversion by Castle Creations. See it installed on the TFE Brushless car at RCX 2011!


** UPDATED 3-10-2011

New image of the Bizeta 28.5 engine from BZM-Micro installed in an HPI baja 5b. Are you ready for 8+hp?

** UPDATED 3-9-2011 **


HOT OFF THE PRESS! Take a look at this RCX special TeamChase roll cage! Limited Edition made just for RCX in a bright silver finish. Get them before they are all gone! Come to RCX to be one of the first to own this special piece.TeamChase Silver Roll Cage for your HPI Baja



** UPDATED 3-9-11 3:00pm



** UPDATED 3-9-2011 **


Lets kick this off right. How about a look at the first videos of the new Bizeta 28.5 motors from BZM-Micro during one of the early test runs in a HPI baja 5b.


Win a $10,000 baja for only $2.10! ** UPDATED 3-16-11**

Win a $10,000 Baja for $2.10

That’s right, you read that correct. Check out the details of this raffle being held at the 2011 RCX Show in Pomona Ca. But dont worry….you don’t have to go to get yourself a ticket to win it. Let TGN buy you the ticket and enter you to win on the day of the raffle. See more details by clicking here.

** UPDATED ** 3-17-11 **

CustomStreetToys will be throwing in their truck cover to the winner of the grand prize.

** UPDATED 3-16-11

Official list of prizes. GET YOUR TICKERS NOWW!!!



** UPDATED 3-9-2011 **

Pacific Coast Hobbies donated 4 $25 gift certificates

Tulare Hobbies donated $100 worth of product of winners choosing

Pro-line donated a $150 Gift certificate

** UPDATED 3-8-2011**

We are now allowing tickets to be purchased up till 3pm pst March 20th. We hope that even more products will be added to this already huge list.

** UPDATED 3-4-2011 **

WOW, check this sexy thing out!

** UPDATED 3-2-2011 **

RC America has just donated a set of Hudy Drivers 1.5-5mm to be given away with the grand prize car

Thunder Power RC confirmed with the ultimate battery set up for the Castle Kit. 2 Lipo packs TP5300-4SPR65 5300mAh 4-Cell/4S 14.8V 1 TP610C-ACDC This is over a $650 donation and will be part of the Castle Creations Prize.

** UPDATED 2-28-2011**

One of the most exciting updates as of yet. BZM-Micro has donated a Bizeta baja engine to one lucky winner. The cc of their choice to be delivered to the owner when production units are ready.  It does not get much better than this guys, BUY NOW or come to theRCX show to get your tickets!

Bizeta Baja Engine

** UPDATED 2-23-2011**

First glance of this amazing HPI Baja 5t almost ready to go. More images coming soon of this complete build. With all these updates and new items being added to the list, I expect these tickets to sell out at RCX. I would BUY NOW if I was you!

** UPDATED 2-21-2011 **

Fourth Prize: Bartolone Racing Afterburner Pipe

Fifth Prize: Bartolone Racing 5B Side Mount Pipe

** UPDATED 2-18-2011**


Sneak Peek images of the custom painted body my MR Painting (email for prices and info: mrpaintin@gmail.com)

Also see concept drawing of the custom Shockwears being made for this special build donated by Outerwears.

** UPDATE 2-16-2011 **

An additional prize has been donated to the raffle, the fine folks over at Castle Creations have donated a HPI baja Brushless Conversion Kit.

This raffle is over the top! Hope you dont miss out on it, time is running out. Purchase your tickets NOW! CLICK HERE!

** UPDATE 2-14-2011 **

New sponsors

Second Prize: Rc-Skin  Helical gear set (for TR clutch)

11,12,13mm pre set rear turnbuckles

HD Dogbones

2 speed shock pistons

Shock covers

Also Donated for the build:

Outerwears with custom filters and shock covers

Hitec with 2.4ghz 3 channel radio steering and throttle servo

RCP with Tripp TT wide body (so winner can do their own paint job)

FullForce Rc with Fuel line kit, Spring spacers extended, Billet side pins

** UPDATE 2-12-2011 **

Raffle gains publicity by being posted on the new blog formatted RC Car Action website. Thanks RCCA! See you at RCX 2011!

Red Cross Outerwears for HPI Baja 5t

Painting by MR Painting, he can be reached at mrpaintin@gmail.com

RCP TT HPI baja 5t wide body

RCP TT Wide Body with Sponsors Listed

TeamFastEddy is fast at the draw with the Brushless HPI Baja.


Leave it to TeamFastEddy to be the first to release an item for the new Castle Creations Brushless conversion for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS. Expect this item to be released soon, you will be able to find it HERE on the TGN site.

TFE has on an ongoing video series of his project HPI Baja 5SC. You can see those videos by CLICKING HERE.



Seeing as how we dont need a Battery or a throttle servo with the Castle Conversion why are we using the huge empty battery box?

Team FastEddy ultra light steering servo mount is all you need along with a much smaller box for your RX. The servo mount will be available after RCX. The mount will fit a stock servo or any of the Hitec servos using the servo adapter or the DarkSoul Meaty Mount. Also shown is the Full force servo tabs That I use on all my builds.

Its shown mounted with a stock front plate but will also work with the HPI HD plate and the Turtle Racing front plate.

If you choose to, you can use any one of many RX Boxes out there or none at all. I found that a Traxxas RX Box is the perfect size to mount just about anywhere. It can sit on top of the servo, on the side plate or on the chassis.

We will have the Team FastEddy Servo Mount for the Castle Conversion in approximately 2-3 weeks.

New Stainless Steel Pipe from BigNuts Japan


Check it out by clicking HERE!


You choose, better Torque or Higher Speeds. The NEW HPI baja pipe from Big Nuts Japan.

Here is a new and fresh approach to a side mounted pipe. The pipe is made by BigNuts Japan and is made of stainless steel. Its very well constructed and mounts up to your HPI baja 5b, 5t or 5SC. Like any pipe, depending on your choice of aftermarket parts or your body location some modifications may be required to make a proper fit. This is a new pipe to the market and we do not know yet what will or will not interfere with installation. If you have questions or concerns please email us at tech@tgndistributing.com first before you buy.

TGN has tested these pipes and they work great! We were very impressed with the power they produce, and being stainless they have a very unique sound. They are also very lightweight compared to many other pipes on the market. This pipe was tested by a popular Japanese R/C magazine and received very favorable reviews.

Overall shape, size and internal tunning makes one pipe better for torque and one pipe better for top speed. You choose!

RonShop brings East Coast flavor to the HPI baja.


Just announced on TGN, order up your EDM bodies for this years round of dirt oval racing. Ronshop brought TGN the first Late Model oval body for the HPI baja and has now offered up an Eastern Dirt Modified style for all you oval nuts!


Check it out by clicking HERE.


You can also follow our RCX thread and will see more images and video of this new body on display at the show all weekend.


Eastern Dirt Modified (EDM v2) Body  for the HPI 5b

Body kit includes all hardware and mounts for a stock HPI 5b Buggy

1)       2 sides
2)      1 center main body section
3)      1 roof
4)      1 molded nose
5)      2 front wing sides
6)      2 bent lexan under supports with left and right hand slots
7)      1 bent lexan under support for the rear body mounts
8 )     1 aluminum angle with slots and hole
9)      1 bag of button head screws
10)     1 bag of nylock nut
11)     1 bag of body pins
12)     4 body mount pins
13)     8 zip ties
14)     1 piece of 3/8 fuel line 8” long
15)     1    ¼” aluminum rod
With an offset center and molded nose, Ronshop Racing is the most realistic looking EDM on the market. Made from flexable and durable .040 lexan. Cut and molded %100 in the USA.

Bartolone Racing fires his Torpedo at you

Just posted on TGN. Check it out HERE!



Torpedo Pipe for the Baja 5t and 5sc from Bartolone Racing.

Bartolone Racing is proud to release the newest pipe in their arsenal – the “Torpedo” pipe!  This pipe is hands down the ultimate low-end and midrange pipe while maintaining excellent top end RPM’s. This pipe has and extra long tuned length and ideal cone shape for the best low end punch with zero lag! We tested many pipes back to back on many different engine set ups and this pipe is awesome!  We actually had a box stock 5SC pulling wheelies with just the addition of the pipe and minor carb tuning.  This is a 2 piece design and very easy to mount! allowing easy access to all components – no modifications required!
Available in:

  • Black
  • Raw
  • Chrome