TeamFastEddy is fast at the draw with the Brushless HPI Baja.


Leave it to TeamFastEddy to be the first to release an item for the new Castle Creations Brushless conversion for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS. Expect this item to be released soon, you will be able to find it HERE on the TGN site.

TFE has on an ongoing video series of his project HPI Baja 5SC. You can see those videos by CLICKING HERE.



Seeing as how we dont need a Battery or a throttle servo with the Castle Conversion why are we using the huge empty battery box?

Team FastEddy ultra light steering servo mount is all you need along with a much smaller box for your RX. The servo mount will be available after RCX. The mount will fit a stock servo or any of the Hitec servos using the servo adapter or the DarkSoul Meaty Mount. Also shown is the Full force servo tabs That I use on all my builds.

Its shown mounted with a stock front plate but will also work with the HPI HD plate and the Turtle Racing front plate.

If you choose to, you can use any one of many RX Boxes out there or none at all. I found that a Traxxas RX Box is the perfect size to mount just about anywhere. It can sit on top of the servo, on the side plate or on the chassis.

We will have the Team FastEddy Servo Mount for the Castle Conversion in approximately 2-3 weeks.

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