New Stainless Steel Pipe from BigNuts Japan


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You choose, better Torque or Higher Speeds. The NEW HPI baja pipe from Big Nuts Japan.

Here is a new and fresh approach to a side mounted pipe. The pipe is made by BigNuts Japan and is made of stainless steel. Its very well constructed and mounts up to your HPI baja 5b, 5t or 5SC. Like any pipe, depending on your choice of aftermarket parts or your body location some modifications may be required to make a proper fit. This is a new pipe to the market and we do not know yet what will or will not interfere with installation. If you have questions or concerns please email us at first before you buy.

TGN has tested these pipes and they work great! We were very impressed with the power they produce, and being stainless they have a very unique sound. They are also very lightweight compared to many other pipes on the market. This pipe was tested by a popular Japanese R/C magazine and received very favorable reviews.

Overall shape, size and internal tunning makes one pipe better for torque and one pipe better for top speed. You choose!

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