TeamChase Losi 5IVE-T Drive Cups – Shipping Now


TeamChase 5IVE-T 300M Drive Cups – Front, Rear, Center


Check out these super strong Drive Cups from TeamChase. Tired of replacing your stock  cups from being worn out? Then these 300M drive cups are for you. If TeamChase has tested them on their track with the recent race series then you know these are built to last. Check out the details below.


Part Numbers:  #2728 Rear & Rear or  #2739 Center

The team chase drive cups are a direct replacement for the stock cups. Our goal was to make a drive cup that will last longer than the differential, the bearings, diff oil, and most likely the truck. After months of testing, racing, and just beating the cups tank after tank we are happy to release Team Chase drive cups.

Our cups have gone through a multi step heat treating process to result in a material that is far superior to the stock drive cups.