RCX 2011- Are you going? ** UPDATED 3-7-11**

TGN at RCX 2011 with lots of custom HPI Baja and Parts.


** UPDATED  3-7-2011 **

Another image from TeamChase today. Any other guesses?

** UPDATED  3-3-2011 **

Well TeamChase was first to jump in and share some company news that will be official launched at RCX 2011 inside the TGN booth. There will be a new product release from the TeamChase gang on March 19th. He is not sharing much information yet but he did give us this image just as a teaser. Can you guess what this new part is going to be? Will this be another plastic sensation or a cool billet add-on? For a HPI Baja? Maybe a Short Course? Micro? Make your guesses in the comments below, the winner will win a free TGN shirt of their size. Winner will be announced after March 19th.



** UPDATED 2-28-2011 **

LSN has heard of several possible new products to be released at this years RCX. We already know BZM-Micro is making the long trip out to the USA to not only participate in showing the Bizeta baja motor for the first time but they are also planning on having a couple bajas to run on the indoor track. Thats going to be exciting!

Stay tuned for more early press releases here on LSN.




So are you going to RCX 2011? As always TGN will be there with its vendors showing off all types of custom builds and also selling the hottest products you can get your hands on. Its a great chance to meet and chat with some of the industries most natorius manufactures and see their products first hand.

Stay tuned for more information on RCX 2011 and find out who will all be going.

Comment below if your going . We look forward to meeting you.

TGN at RCX 2010 and our crazy full scale crawler!

The TGN Booth at RCX 2010

A new forum is born – RCLargeScale.com


This morning marks an exciting time for the Large Scale RC Industry. Two famed resources on the internet have joined forces and have made an exciting announcement. Something I believe will  benefit our industries vendors and end users a great deal. The forum powerhouses at RCCrawler and RCShourCourse has teamed up with what we believe was large scales most informative and fact filled forum on the planet, BajaPlanet.com, to form a totally new forum called RCLargeScale.com.

Just one of the exciting features is the Classifieds section. This looks promising and could be something that will help us all fund our crazy hobby.

Please read below for their official announcement.



Welcome to the new RCLargeScale.com forum. I am sure many of you are wondering what is going on here. Please let us explain.

With the success of RCCrawler and RCShortCourse and the continued growth in the large scale market, Jason and I decided to expand our reach in the R/C community so we contacted Ed Knapp (Team FastEddy) and discussed the idea of having us take over his BajaPlanet forum, some ideas were tossed around, and it was decided that we’d convert the site into our “RCCrawler” model to fit with our other forums, RCLargeScale.com was created. This was good timing for Eddy as he was in the process of expanding his business and found himself not having the time needed to run Bajaplanet forums.

Bajaplanet was the go to place to easily find Eddy’s extensive “Baja Tutorials” how-to video content, RCLargeScale will continue to have a dedicated “Baja Tutorials” section for Eddy to expand on. RCLargeScale is now the exclusive media partner for all new “Baja Tutorials” videos Ed produces, I know a lot of people are looking forward page by page build of the new Baja 5SC ss kit.

All your old posts and threads from BajaPlanet have been transferred here, and we plan to add in a ton of new features. You’ll notice some changes right off the bat such as the new classifieds system, and we have lots of other exciting things coming in the near future.

We’ve started this thread here (CLICK HERE) for you to report any problems you may encounter with the new site, we don’t foresee anything but with transfers such as this sometimes things slip through the cracks that don’t pop up until you go full scale.

Looking forward to an awesome new year with the large scale community!

John Hubbard (badger)
Jason Hensel (Jason)

Donate to the cause of R/C Paintball Robots

While browsing one of my favorite blogs (Engadget) I found this cool large scale robot with a paintball gun attached to it. I have seen these before in person at the iHobby trade show in Chicago. They were all mostly made from the Traxxas E-Maxx, but the one this guy is planning is BIG…Large Scale. You can see more of his builds HERE.

What makes this interesting is its posted on another site I enjoy browsing, KICKSTARTER. If you have not been to this site you must check it out, they have some really cool ideas and maybe it will spark your interest to be a part of it..??

I could not get the video posted here, you have to CLICK HERE.

Uber shows LSN their new ball drive system

Uber HD Ball Drive System for the HPI Baja

The guys at Uber have something up their sleeve that they are ready to show the baja community. Your looking at the first image of their new HD Ball Drive System for your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc, SS. This is the first of its kind that we have seen produced for the baja and we are excited to get more information on these and find out how well they work for the hard bashers etc.

Nothing more about these are known but LSN is on the case and we will report back and update this post as we learn more. I am sure TGN will be offering these units once they are available for purchase.

Uber Ball Drive System for your HPI Baja 5sc and others

Trucker Girls all up on your HPI 5SC

Trucker Girl Mud flaps for your HPI Baja 5scWell that didn’t take long… It was only a matter of time once HPI decided to offer mud flaps on their new baja 5sc and 5sc SS kits that someone was going to make trucker girls to bolt up to ’em.

TeamFastEddy was quick to the draw to get these made up for all us 5sc owners. Thanks Ed! He was kind enough to post a video with more information including a trip to the water jet company doing the cutting. More information on the prices and release dates coming soon. Thanks Ed for this cool look inside the production of a new product.

Large Scale R/C at the The 2011 Extreme Sailing Series – Muscat Festival ** UPDATED 2-1-2011 **

** UPDATED 3-1-2011 **

The event has passed and the Aldaour Team has posted some images of the finished track and some of the cars in action. Looks like some good racing for the HPI Bajas and other large scale cars and trucks. We would like to thank the Aldaour Team once again for bringing large scale r/c racing to this special event and allowing so many people to see this great hobby up close and in action. TGN would be happy to help again if the Aldaour Team comes across another venue in the future.

TGN support for Muscat HPI Baja Race

TGN support for Muscat HPI Baja Race

TGN support for Muscat HPI Baja Race

TGN support for Muscat HPI Baja Race



TGN has been working with the Aldaour Team on an event in the Sultanate of Oman. Its the 2011 Extreme Sailing Series with lots of side events to entertain the thousands of spectators. One of these events is Large Scale R/C Racing.

TGN has shipped them some supporting products along with raffle goods and they also ordered up a shiny new HPI baja 5SC (which I am sure will be the show stopper). It will bring a lot of positive attention to Large Scale R/C racing to thousands of visitors at this unique event.

LSN hopes to get live updates with images and details of how things are going next week. Please stay tuned as this post will get updated.

Their facebook post is below, or see it by CLICKING HERE.

Wanna know what Aldaour Team is doing in Sultanate of Oman?

At the beginning of every year, Muscat Municipality organizes a month long festival in the city and surrounding regions of Muscat as part of the celebration of life in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Muscat Festival for 2011 will include a large variety of entertainment including the second edition of the internationally acclaimed Tour of Oman cycling race run by the Tour de France team from 15-20th February and the world’s most exciting sailing event the 2011 Extreme Sailing Series.

The 2011 Extreme Sailing Series will kick off in Oman from 20-24 February with some of the world’s top sailor’s set to compete on Omani waters; our client Oman Sail were the 2009 & 2010 champions, They are investing in the public village so they can attract as many crowds as possible and that’s exactly what Aldaour Team is good in “Attracting People”.

With Giant Kites in different shapes & adorable characters and 1/5 Scale Gas Powered badass looking Trucks with Noisy Engines; for sure we will attract crowds unless you are Deafblined.

Special thanks for our R\C Supplier and Sponsor TGN Distributing.



To see more images of this event and the Large Scale RC track CLICK HERE.

Looks like I see an HPI baja 5b and a maybe a HPI baja 5t or two?

hpi baja 5b and 5t at Muscat Festival

Extreme Sailing at Muscat

BZM-Micro gives LSN a sneak peek! **Updated 3-1-11**

Bizeta Baja Engine

The BZM-Micro Bizeta motor for your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc, ss

Available Soon at TGN.

LSN was lucky enough to be allowed to show the first ever CAD drawings of the new Bi Zeta Motors engine case. These drawings are of their reed inducted case that will be a direct replacement for the engine in your 1/5 scale RC. Looking for more hp for your HPI baja, FG MT or other large scale car or truck? Then these are the motors your going to want to keep on eye on.

Something tells me these are not the last of the sneak peek photos you will get to see on LSN. So keep your eyes on LSN for all the up-to-date information. Including prices, ETA’s, and additional specs.

** UPDATED 3-1-2011 **

Check out these additional images from BZM-Micro. They show us the cylinder for the new Bizeta HPI baja motor. We are told these will come in 23cc, 26cc, 28.5cc options.

BZM-Micro Bizeta Engine for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

HPI Baja 23cc Engine from Bizeta fits your 5b 5t 5sc ss

Baja 5b 5t 5sc ss 23cc Bizeta Engine



** UPDATED 2-16-2011 ** LSN just got another sneak peek image from BZM-Micro. Its a small image but its exciting none the less. More to come…



** UPDATED 2-23-2011 ** LSN just got more sneak peek images from BZM-Micro. Now we can really see how this engine is going to look. You can see the new case design will allow it to fit into your HPI baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS with no issues of hitting the tank etc.

Image of Bizeta Motor for your HPI baja 5b 5sc 5t ss

Bizeta Baja Engine for the HPI 5b 5t 5sc ss

Bizeta Engine for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

Bizeta Engine for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

Bizeta Engine for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

Bizeta Engine for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

Fit your baja with this Bizeta 23ccc motor. BZM-Micro