RCX 2011- Are you going? ** UPDATED 3-7-11**

TGN at RCX 2011 with lots of custom HPI Baja and Parts.


** UPDATED  3-7-2011 **

Another image from TeamChase today. Any other guesses?

** UPDATED  3-3-2011 **

Well TeamChase was first to jump in and share some company news that will be official launched at RCX 2011 inside the TGN booth. There will be a new product release from the TeamChase gang on March 19th. He is not sharing much information yet but he did give us this image just as a teaser. Can you guess what this new part is going to be? Will this be another plastic sensation or a cool billet add-on? For a HPI Baja? Maybe a Short Course? Micro? Make your guesses in the comments below, the winner will win a free TGN shirt of their size. Winner will be announced after March 19th.



** UPDATED 2-28-2011 **

LSN has heard of several possible new products to be released at this years RCX. We already know BZM-Micro is making the long trip out to the USA to not only participate in showing the Bizeta baja motor for the first time but they are also planning on having a couple bajas to run on the indoor track. Thats going to be exciting!

Stay tuned for more early press releases here on LSN.




So are you going to RCX 2011? As always TGN will be there with its vendors showing off all types of custom builds and also selling the hottest products you can get your hands on. Its a great chance to meet and chat with some of the industries most natorius manufactures and see their products first hand.

Stay tuned for more information on RCX 2011 and find out who will all be going.

Comment below if your going . We look forward to meeting you.

TGN at RCX 2010 and our crazy full scale crawler!

The TGN Booth at RCX 2010

12 thoughts on “RCX 2011- Are you going? ** UPDATED 3-7-11**”

  1. Last year was a kick. Same with the year before that, and the year before that , and the………

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    Team FastEddy will have a few surprises this year.

  2. How cool I see one of my cars in your pictures. Im still working out my plan of attack for attending RCX I really Hope to be there. If weather permits and the sun shines I will be on my way.

  3. Cible :
    Traduire du texte ou une page Web
    by, jespere finir les carrosserie de hot rod et vous en envoyer une rapidement pour le rcx ou je serrais heureus qu elle soit,
    by, I hope to finish the body of hot rod and you quickly send to the RCX or happy that I tightened it may be, by, Francois.

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