RCX 2011 LSN Wrap-Up

RCX 2011 has come and gone and once again the TGN booth rocked the Pomona Fairplex. Every year TGN picks up the biggest booth possible and asks its vendors to come fill it with R/C goodness. Just like the years past, we were told the TGN booth was the show stopper of the event. Even RCCA says so, see HERE.

The TGN booth had 25 vendors being represented from all over the globe. The winner for the farthest traveled is BZM-Micro who came from the UK.  BZM-Micro premiered their motors’ first public release just a few months before production units start to ship.

TGN would like to thank all those who made this booth possible. Without you, it would not be the same. Thank you for your continued support and effort to bring large scale r/c to the masses. There’s no doubt this exciting booth will bring further interest into our niche part of an exciting hobby. We would also like to thank RCLargeScale for giving our readers a LIVE view from our booth all weekend.

Here is a list of the participating companies inside the TGN booth:

TeamChaseTeamFastEddyBZM-MicroBajaSkunkWerksOneill Brothers RacingPythonRC4WDMilestone RC ParkTurtle RacingRonShopKrakenOuterwearsGRPThunder DesignsSBSDDMRCPSkoPodBajaAddictsKiller RCBartolone RacingATXBegitechHostileCSTTGN



See several hundred more images in our SmugMug gallery HERE!



See a video of the TGN booth being built up and the crowds that filled it over the weekend HERE!


Lets take a spin around the booth:


TeamFastEddy and Team Chase brought dueling RZR’s to show off their new baja racks mounted up in the rear. What a way to travel! I am sure we will see these in October for sure!


Team Chase released their new Rear Shock Towers for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, SS, 5SC. Get them HERE! This was an exciting release because this is a part many have been begging for years to be made! Chase also released a limited edition Silver Cage which can be seen HERE.



Check out these rear racks for the RZR’s. Not sure if Team FastEddy will be selling these  but he should. Eddy was showing off his new brushless build as well as his new Mud Flap Ornaments .and  Port Covers.

BZM-Micro had lots of motor parts out and on display including a 5SC with their 28.5 and the TGN truck with their 40cc prototype Raptor engine. See the 40cc HERE!

The new Bizeta 28.5cc HPI Baja Motor from BZM-Micro.

The soon to be released BZM-Micro 40cc! Watch the RCX video HERE!

Baja Skunkworks was nice enough to bring his tank build for everyone to see. We often had to come by and wipe up the drool off the floor around this table. They also had their famous 2-speed and front brakes on display.

Oneill Brothers Racing had a table filled with Horse Power for all to touch and feel. Including their new twin for the HPI Baja just was hard to take your eyes off.

Python was present to show off some of their new goodies including the new super light weight Spur Gear Carrier which is now available HERE. They also displayed some of their Short Course parts like the billet nerfs for the Traxxas Slash.

RC4WD took up the biggest space in the TGN booth in order to display an amazing collection of scale trucks and crawlers of all types. They also showed off several of their licensed products. No one is doing scale realism and licensed product the way RC4WD does it, great job guys! Check out two of the hottest licensed products, the 2.2 Interco Swampers and the 1.55 Irok. They also had two models handing out flyers and freebies all weekend.

MileStone-RC and Giant RC had a great display promoting their local track and hobby shop. They also had video running to show large scale newbies what track racing is all about.

Turtle Racing was not able to make the trip and grace us with their presence but they were kind enough to participate in the booth, send a display, and show a HPI 5SC in the TGN booth. Thanks Turtle, we want your full size rail in the booth next year.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get Ronshop out to the show but we were lucky enough to get a couple of his new builds. An all new EDM on a HPI Baja 5b and his new Blitz SC body. Thanks RonShop, we hope to see you next year in the flesh.

Hostile was also not able to make it out west but he provided us with a nice display of his products and a HPI Baja 5SC with his new MX-T Tires. Well done Hostile, hope you can leave your compound next year and head west to see us all.

Outerwears always sends up product to display and sell at our events. The truck shrouds are always a hit.

GRP had all their products on display at RCX, including many of their popular smaller scale tires and wheel combos.

ATX had a brand new HPI Baja 5sc set up with all their poly products installed for spectators to see in person and installed.  Thanks ATX!

Begitec has a HPI Baja 5sc on display with their billet rims installed. The style and quality of these billet rims are unmatched in the industry. TGN also announced at RCX that Begitec is condensing his product line and will soon be using TGN and others to do all the distribution of his product. Watch the TGN site for more info.

Kraken was present in the TGN booth showing off their Bullet Fueler and the new Chase Cage Adapter. What a fast and clean way to fill your baja, you got to check it out!

SBS was on hand showing off their Simple Baja Stand as well as giving the spectators a close up look of the CST VW build. These stands may be simple but they work GREAT!

The boys at SkoPod came to please. They brought there blue carbon car and the speed challenge car for all to see. They also launched the releases of a limited edition HO motor to be sold at TGN HERE!

RCP brought some serious eye candy to RCX 2011. They showed off their soon-to-be- released solid color bodies, as well as a killer on-road baja 5t build with their wide body shell.

BajaAddicts was at RCX to sell tickets for their amazing raffle they did for Red Cross. Over $6,300 was raised at this critical time for the American Red Cross and everyone involved should be very proud.

Bartolone Racing was on hand to show off all types of new products. Including a new reed cage, billet engine case, new Torpedo Pipe and his crazy twin cylinder for the HPI Baja. Oh and don’t forget that crazy 4wd Baja!

Killer RC flew out to be a part of the TGN booth and set up this nice display of all his great products. Leave it to the electronic genius at Killer to incorporate an iPad 2 into his display.

DDM made the trip from Utah and as always had lots of eye candy on display. DDM is not only a retailer but also a manufacturer of a great line of products.

Thunder Designs had a couple new HPI Baja 5sc body wraps on display. These will be coming soon HERE!

Last but not least, TGN had a few new items to launch as well. TGN has teamed up with the famaus DT1 filter company to launch a new line of filters made specificly for the large scale r/c market. These are the largest filters on the market while still fitting perfectly in the baja with or without reed case and clearing the fuel lines. See more HERE!

Own a billet filter? Tired of your element moving around or is it just dirty? DT1 and TGN has the solution. Get it HERE!

TGN also brought a brand new flex fit hat to the show that is now available HERE!

Also now available is the first ever LSN shirt! Get yours HERE!

TGN also announced it will now be stocking the Barndog Racing Aluminum panels for the TeamChase roll cage.

This year at RCX TGN was able to spread the large scale footprint at the show by having two more cars in two other booths. We were able to build this truck with donations from aftermarket companies and it was displayed smack dab in the middle of the official HPI booth.

With the help from SkoPod TGN was able to get the first part of this project car up and ready just in time for RCX. It’s our FG based F1 car with a Castle Creations Brushless System. Look for more on this build soon.


TGN also had some track time on Saturday so the gang from HPI, SkoPod and MMR made some noise on what ended up being a track way too small for large scale but still fun none the less.


BZM Micro 40cc Raptor being test run outside the fairplex. We weer later told to shut it down because we are causing a bit of interuption to the show. A hundred plus people poored ot to watch this beast RUN.

And that’s a WRAP! See you all next year!

RCX 2011 TGN Booth

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