RCX 2011 LIVE Update Post.

Are you going? You should! But if you can’t then settle into this post and watch for ongoing exclusive updates till the day of the show as well as live updates throughout the two days of non stop action.

LSN has teamed up with and they plan on covering the event including interviews with your favorite large scale manufactures. So keep an eye on that site, we will direct you to important posts and other information they are gathering from inside this great event.


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BZM-Micro 40 bringing the show outside. We started it up and and people almost ran outside to see it in action.

TGN  track time had some great action with several HPI bajas racing around for the crowds. The orange and blue truck was owned and driven by John Schultz of HPI. This was one of the first time he was trying out his new TGN Track Pipe. He says it runs great and is very happy with its performance.

The Black truck is the BZM-Micro truck with the new Bizeta 28.5cc engine.

VIDEO – On Location Upload.  BZM-Micro showing off their prototype 40cc Bizeta motor. Tuned and built for higher octane fuel from the UK. But it still ran VERY well.

Some more images of our booth and others. Show is OFF THE HOOK!



John from HPI had a very custom 5SC on display which had a TeamChase cage and the TGN track pipe on it. John says he “love it”


Here is a HOT one for you. Lets get the morning started right! New TeamChase part! Something we needed for years!


Check out the BZM-Micro 40cc Raptor! Thats what was in the mystery image below. More images and video of this one coming soon.



SkoPod is ready to go.

**  UPDATED **

Hostile booth coming together.


Turtle table coming together.


Tim from SkoPod mid trip.

** UPDATED 3-18-2010 3PM **

The folks from MMR are here in California building and prepairing theire Bizeta monsters.

Check out this video testing the 28.5 dropped into a stock 5sc.

** UPDATED 3-18-2011 **

Take a close look at this.  It will be on display and demoed at RCX! Come watch it in action!

Any ideas? Post your guess below in the comments and the winner gets a brand new LSN shirt.

** UPDATED  3-14-2011 **

TeamFastEddy to release another ( Servo Mount and Truck Girls) new item at RCX.

** UPDATE 3-14-2011 **

TeamFastEddie will be hitting RCX in style. Check out his RZR and matching 5SC.

** UPDATED 3-14-2011 **

TGN is up to something….Watch this video to see what was happening late last night at the SkoPod workshop. More video and details coming soon. To be released at RCX 2011.





** UPDATED 3-12-2011 **

Check out this new part from TeamFastEddy coming soon. It’s a radio box eliminator for the HPI baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS when doing an Electric Brushless Conversion by Castle Creations. See it installed on the TFE Brushless car at RCX 2011!


** UPDATED 3-10-2011

New image of the Bizeta 28.5 engine from BZM-Micro installed in an HPI baja 5b. Are you ready for 8+hp?

** UPDATED 3-9-2011 **


HOT OFF THE PRESS! Take a look at this RCX special TeamChase roll cage! Limited Edition made just for RCX in a bright silver finish. Get them before they are all gone! Come to RCX to be one of the first to own this special piece.TeamChase Silver Roll Cage for your HPI Baja



** UPDATED 3-9-11 3:00pm



** UPDATED 3-9-2011 **


Lets kick this off right. How about a look at the first videos of the new Bizeta 28.5 motors from BZM-Micro during one of the early test runs in a HPI baja 5b.


32 thoughts on “LSN at RCX 2011 LIVE UPDATES !!!”

  1. I am wondering why the RC Expo does not travel around globally I know the cost would be alot but it would be a small price compared to the advertising and sales of all RC products. Not everyone has the money to come to USA for the show and If they did they propably could not purchase anything because of purchasing airline tickets and accommodation so it’s not really logical for most people. So please come to Australia as we are hardcore RC nuts aswell and alot of us purchase from the USA to support your business and lifestyle and from everyone I have spoken to im sure it would be worth it to everyone who would participate financially. So please find out who I would need to communicate with and I will give my left nut for the RC expo to hit Australia shores as would alot of people around Australia

  2. Yeah i hear that… There is not much in Australia / Qld.. It would be fantastic to see all the latest equipment on show.

    1. My guess would be a battery charger.
      See you guys soon.
      I am sitting here staring at a pile of very cool prizes that will be given away on Sunday, including the 10 thousand dollar Baja Package. ALL proceeds will go the The Red Cross.

  3. Wish I could be there! I would love to see all of these new products 🙂

    Loving those new Chase rear shock towers! Very nice and of course strong.

    Definitely an ignition coil I would say. There is no fan cover shroud and the spot where the coil would usually be, there is nothing. Must be electronic considering it doesn’t work from magnetic pickup at the flywheel. My guess would be that with all of this, it should keep a charge on the battery as well.

    Not enough money to keep up with this hobby……

  4. I would say it’s a ignition system….. BUT, for a flame thrower exhaust! lol. It is the coil for the TPS, but that’s been out for a good bit already?

  5. that motor with teh high voltage coil looks hot, wouldnt mind havign the coil with one of the craftwerks msd booted coil wires on it. also like to see the team chase rear shock tower in machined aluminum with various anode color choices if it comes out machined and anoded i would definately be interested in a set :D.

    se a few things in teh pics i wouldnt mind having myself but unfortunately i have to get stuff in a specific order and that is if i dont have to fix something first LOL

  6. My guess would be an electric engine starter and kill switch all accessible from your transmitter. In the case it is for a battery charge this would be ideal for those running lights. I’ve been dying to upgrade my 5sc stock 26cc engine I see I have more options. As Steve stated above there really isn’t enough money to support all of my rc desires lol. I wish I was there but since I’m not please post tons of images and enjoy. Special thanks to those @ TGN, you guys are simply the BEST!

    1. Hey Guys

      Its a coil but its what the coil is connected to is what I was looking for from ya. Its the coil connected to a 40cc BZM-Micro motor. Sorry if I confused you guys.

      How about this, new question. How many different vendors are in the TGN booth this year. Between our images and whats online live at RCLargeScale you should be able to get it. First correct answer WINS a shirt.

  7. 35+ vendors.engines all look great,wondering why they dont make a cylinder without the block off plate for use with a case reed induction engine..

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