Dunetoberfest 2011 Images and Video

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We have returned home from the best Dunetoberfest EVER! We had a great turnout and enjoyed ourselves more than ever before. It was so nice to see the core group of people there year after year, the ones who where there from the beginning. Once we get some time to edit our photos and upload them I will make a wrap-up post on Dunetoberfest 2011.


To hold you over, here are some images we were able to upload while we were on location.


Oh and check out this video that Frosy posted up of the Losi 5IVE-T carving up the dunes in a nice little sand bowl. This truck was modified to run in 2WD for this experiment. The truck ran better than we could ever imagined. Even in 4WD it ran great, we will have video of that soon too.

So we told you where we plan to spend our Dunetoberfest 2011 in a post a few weeks back. Now we are going to update you with images and video from our trip (depending on internet coverage). We leave Tuesday October 18th down to Craftwerks-RC headquarters for a pit-stop where we will pick up all his gear. We should be pulling into Buttercup by Wednesday just in time for the world famous carne-asada by the Mance family.


To hold you over, you can see hundreds of images of past Dunetoberfest and other events on our SMUGMUG account.


This year we will be bringing more cars than ever before. We have our old faithfull 5t with TeamChase cage and Trevor Simpson reed motor which happens to be the car we built for the first Dunetoberfest many years ago. We also have our Castle Creations brushless 5b coming on our trip and for the first time she will be seeing sand under its wheels. We are excited about this one. Then we have our Losi 5IVE-T which we can not leave without. There is a lot of talk how this 4wd may handle in the sand, especially the dunes. We will answer that question for you. And last but not least we are building an all new HPI Baja 5b that will have the new BZM-Micro 28.5cc reed motor installed. I think that’s enough toys for one trip.


Here is a short video our shop manager test running a couple of our rigs for Dunetoberfest. Kenny has been hard at work fixing, building and tweaking these cars and trucks for us. At some point we have to let him out to play…enjoy.


** UPDATE Saturday 12:00 PM **



Photos are being uploaded as we get internet and time from playing. Check out the photos HERE.

The turnout this year is great, so many regulars back as well as a good amount of first timers.




Getting trailer loaded.


2 hours away.


Almost there.


Here. Plenty of room. Come on out!


Not sure what is all in this but I am just going to call it heaven. WOW! More please!

Setting up camp.

20111020-085014.jpg 20111020-085034.jpg

Jeff getting some work done. 20111020-121436.jpg

Losi gets a new pair of shoes. 20111020-121541.jpg


Losi 5IVE-T in the dunes at Dunetoberfest

Losi 5IVE-T in the dunes at Dunetoberfest

Testing the BZM 28.5cc:


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