Oneill Brothers Racing Baja Gear System


Oneill Brothers Clutch Bell and Gear Set System

Own a HPI Baja? Own a Turtle Racing HD Clutch System? Need a wide range of gearing sizes for your HPI Baja? OBR has come to your rescue with this great new Gear and Clutch Bell System.

Let’s start with the clutch bell. This is a steel CNC machined clutch bell that is made specifically for the TR HD Clutch System ( a proven system and the choice of most experienced baja owners). The bell is machined with flats that lock in the pinion gear into place and allows for a simple screw at the end to hold it into place. Clean, light and simple.

The spur gear attaches to a simple billet aluminum carrier that eliminates the stock carrier and dampeners to simplify and lighten the overall typical all steel gear system. Allowing for a unique way to change your spur gear sizes without the investment of a complete spur gear. So you own one carrier yet you can purchase multiple sizes of spurs.

We are saving the best for the last. Sizes…BIG sizes... Check out this selection of sizes, 20/54 , 21/53 , 22/52 , 23/51 , 24/50 and the big bad 28/46.

Clutch Bell Part # 1704

Spur Gear Carrier # 1703

Gear Set:  20/54  –  21/53  –  22/52  –  23/51  –  24/50  –  28/46






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