HPI 1/5 Scale 4WD Flux Brushless SC Coming Soon

HPI Racing 4WD 1/5 Scale Brushless Flux Large ScaleHPI Racing 4WD 1/5 Scale Brushless Flux SC

We reported on a possible release of a HPI 4×4 1/5 scale several weeks ago and one did show up to the Hostile Bajafest. But this slick truck eluded us and we were never able to catch it in person or driving on the track. But we did here that the truck ran well from the few lucky people who were able to catch John Schulz doing a few laps.

Ever since our Castle Creations HPI Baja 5b Brushless build we have been very excited to see where Large Scale Electrics would take us. It’s been a little quiet to say the least but this new model from HPI Racing is exciting to me and I hope to see more of it in the near future. Check out the Sneak Peek Video Below.


Talk about Large Scale Brushless HERE and tell us what YOU think?



15 thoughts on “HPI 1/5 Scale 4WD Flux Brushless SC Coming Soon”

  1. The Baja Flux is definately going to fill a void in the rc world, however, many of us who own two or three Bajas have a very disconcerting feeling. Almost as if we may be betrayed. Lets face it, when we go out to our tracks, parks, backyards or where ever one might bash, you never ever want to be shown up or topped. This is one of the main reasons why we put the time, money, sweat,sacrifice and,…did I mention money?, into this hobby and name brand. I don’t think anyone would argue that we baja addicts have been loyal to HPI and it’s Baja line. Now please, throw some back. Gas powered Baja 4×4, Baja 4×4, Baja 4×4 Gas powered. Say it a few times hpi, it may start to set in. The Losi 5t is upon us.

  2. Brushless is the way of the future, those BAJA 5b&t are slow even compared it a 3.3 revo, then look at the e-revo. NITRO IS DEAD, 2 stroke is diying. My brushless cars have more power than a nitro, less noise, less mess, cheaper to run, my batterys easly out last nitro fuel tanks Brushless is better in everyway. why not move up with the times, hence im converting my Traxxas Revo, Losi XXX-NT & a GreatVigor car to brushless,

  3. I would agree that it would be cool to see some lipo/brushless powered 5th scale trucks. I also agree they are cheaper to run in the long run but think the initial cost is more. I would think one of these trucks would need at least 7s-8s with some serious capacity to make it worth it for me. I think it’s much easier to get power from the brushless setups as well.

    I know my 8th scale brushless/lipo buggy on 6s destroys my buddies exact same buggy running a race .21 nitro…..there’s no contest. The gas engines are cheap, easy, reliable….but definitely a lot more to pack to the field, and messier.

    I could be talked into a brushless 5th scale truck easy

  4. I have been converting gassers to electric because of obvious reasons more power cleaner . Essentially any platform i can find with 4wd . If this comes out soon I will be elated . However I would need a kit . I like buying my own power plant .We would like choice .Make a RTR for those that want it and make a kit for me 🙂 . HPI if you are listening give us a kit seriously, then we wont have to buy redcats with piss poor part support.

  5. hello all,this truck is a good idea and waiting for it,but I’ve been told the project has been dropped,anybody knows if it’s true?

  6. OK NOW THAT’S JUST AWSOME,after seeing this I don’t know if i want the brushless 4×4 or the brushless baja or maybe both!!But thanks marc,made my day!!!

  7. Wonder what the cost difference will be between the Electric and a Gas 4×4? I agree brushless is King performance wise overall but also very expensive. I own a lot of cars and I really still like having GASSERs around, especially over Nitro. I also prefer the charge and go factor of electric. Price difference would definitely be the deciding factor which way I go. I don’t hear many people mention this, but if there were a transmission system that would allow Nitro and Gassers to accelerate immediatley, like electrics, I think performance would be a bit more comparable.

  8. welll,I really think they dropped the project,It’s not beeing seen in any other toy fair,kinda sux,been waiting on it,I guess I’ll have to go with losi 5ive and get the brushless conversion for it,will make 2 trucks outta one…:)Sorry HPI but get it out or let us move on to other company!!!

  9. So you like fast 1/5 scale and think brushless is the wave of the future? Well you would be right. I have converted 2 revos to brushless and one uses the Flux center diff and is converted to a 1/5 sale buggy. The other one is a 1/5 revo as well that I used the E-Revo tranny to make it work. I used robinson racing gears to hold up to the big motors that 6s brings. I also went and bought a really fast and fun Rampage XBE that is highly modified with a 10hp motor and has all the goods that make it spooky fast! I will put it against any gasser anytime.

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