BZM Micro 28.5cc motors are in stock at TGN

BZM-Micro 28.5cc Bizeta Engines

That’s right, you can now purchase from the first small batch of hand made engines from the people at BZM-Micro. The Bizeta BZM-Micro 28.5cc is now available at TGN and their dealer network.


This engine is a masterpiece in design and function. No other company has ever put more time, effort or made a larger finacial investment in manufacturing a ground up R/C car engine for us Large Scale freaks. TGN is proud to be the US and Canadian exclusive distributor for BZM-Micro. Expect to see more videos and reviews here on LSN.

Here are few sample videos we found on YouTube. We are told the production units include a thinner reed that is giving them even more power than what you see in these videos.