24 Hour MCD Cup – Oct. 14th


MCD CUP 24 Hours

Press Release from MCD:

Get all the details HERE.


INTERNATIONAL 5th scale on-road MCD X4 cup 24 HOURS..!

Hi RedRC crew, how are you, i hope u ok.Would you like to join
INTERNATIONAL 5th scale on-road MCD X4 cup 24 HOURS race in Bumod
BURSA-TURKEY. MCD Racing and Robitronic fully sponsored, car and
equipments are hand out, round about 70-90 pilots will come to TURKEY from
european nations. Total driver approx. 110 persons.

We will be proud to see you again.

The Second MCD 24 Hours Cup
MCD 24 Hours
The second MCD 24 Hours Cup will be held in Bursa-Turkey starting from the 14th to the 16th of October. 18 teams each including up to 6 drivers will battle for the first position non-stop for 24 hours.

The drivers will be supplied with an X4 RTR and will be supported with fuel and tyres throughout the race. You will also have a chance to visit the MCD Factory.

For subscription and info click: http://www.mcdracing.com/support/MCD_24h_Cup_Info.pdf
For further information contact Marc Kreisig: marc@robitronic.com
For track info: www.bumod.org

Teams: 4-6 person ( total 18 cars)
Date: 14-17 Oct 2011
Location: BURSA – TURKEY, http://www.bumod.org/

for detailed information,



Best wishes&regards
MCD Racing




LSN returns from Hostile 2011 and the Losi 5IVE-T official release

WOW, we made it back in one piece. What an EPIC weekend for Large Scale R/C! Let me give you all a quick run down of the event and we will return later with more details, images and video once we are able to gather ourselves and get some editing done.


As far as we know the Hostile Bajafest 2011 was the largest gathering of HPI Baja’s ever recorded. I believe the final count was 209. Maybe even the largest gathering of off-road 1/5’s? None the less 200 is an enormous number and it represents the hard work and effort Hostile and his team puts into each and every event. Year after year the venue improves, the turnout increases and the excitement level hits full throttle.


This year event was extra special for the Hostile compound. It was the location chosen by Team Losi to make their large scale debut of the 5IVE-T 4WD BND 1/5th scale R/C. LSN gave you all the details HERE , LIVE feeds of the release HERE and asked you for your feedback on how it would effect our industry HERE. Look for more content on the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD coming to LSN shortly.  LSN/TGN were one of the lucky ones to get a 5IVE-T for us to race with at Hostile and the best way I could explain this truck is by saying this, “It’s the RC truck I have waited for all my life”. BIG, BAD and TUFF!


We will leave you with some important links to the event coverage and the hottest Losi 5IVE-T news and coverage below. More to come on the Hostile event soon, we promise.



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* TGN offers up a Losi 5IVE-T shopping section with HP parts and ability to pre-order the 4WD bND kit today. Find all the parts you need HERE.

RCLargeScale has opened a special section just for conversations on the Losi 5IVE-T HERE so head over and lets talk Losi.

LSN Live Photo and Video from Hostile HERE


LSN YouTube has a couple videos up on the Losi 5IVE-T and HPI’s 28.5 BZM oval car HERE.

* TeamChase has uploaded some viewing pleasures on their YouTube channel HERE.

* Craftwerks-RC has just given you a sneak peek of what his coverage is going to look like from Hostile. Check it out HERE.

Some HOT videos on the Losi 5IVE-T found HERE, HERE and HERE.

We are loading up some “early bird special” images from this past weekend at Hostile on this thread on RCLS HERE.


So once we catch up on some sleep, return from our yearly visit to the Reno Air Races and get some editing time we will share more footage and content with you all.





Also a special thanks to Baja Modifiers, Oneill Brothers Racing, BZM-Micro, TeamChase, TeamFastEddy, Craftwerks-RC, DogPileRacing. More on that later…





How will the Losi 5IVE-T affect our industry?


Losi 5IVE-T 1/5 Scale introduction has rocked

the Large Scale Industry

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The Losi 5IVE-T was just recently announced and is being displayed and raced at the Hostile Bajafest 2011. While the rumors of another brand (including Losi, Associated and Traxxas) entering our industry have been around for years it’s exciting to see at least one of them have come to fruition. Will there be more? How will this new player effect our industry?

Well I believe this introduction is crucial for large scale and not only was it very much needed but it’s plays an important role in the continued growth of 1/5 scale racing as we know it. Yes, the 1/5 scale racing scene here in the US and beyond has seen significant growth based mostly on the HPI Baja line of cars and trucks. But one of the race organizers most difficult obstacle in the past has been lack of major media coverage. Without media coverage it can be difficult to demand almost any amount of sponsorship costs for an event. The magazines excuses for not covering some of our largest events that 1/5 scale racing has is that by doing so they are only supporting one single car manufacture and aftermarket manufactures that advertise in their magazines. So why cover a 1/5 scale race to please just HPI when they can go cover a smaller event for 1/10 scale and support often dozens of advertisers. One hand feeds the other here…

I am also excited to see how this may spawn more interest from other manufactures. Not only companies like Associated and Traxxas but aftermarket manufactures as well. If we want to see Large Scale R/C grow then we need to get more involvement from the big players and with Losi coming out with the 5IVE-T 4WD it is sure to cause some waves amongst competing companies.



October is Dunetoberfest month!

Dunetoberfest 2011 – a month long celebration

of R/C’s in the Dunes.



UPDATE: NOV 2012 Dunetoberfest California Lives On! Read about the gathering and get more info on this RCLS post HERE


UPDATE: Get a chance to own one of the two TGN Dunetoberfest cars by bidding or making an offer on ebay NOW!

The Brushless HPI 5b that is in THIS VIDEO doing 67mph!


or the BZM powered gas 5b

UPDATE: Oct 2011 Dunetoberfest Post Event Coverage HERE




Dunetoberfest represents a month long period where people all over the world spend time in the desert racing and enjoying their R/C cars and trucks with friends and family. Not just 1/5 scale or not just the HPI Baja or not only R/C’s only, people from everywhere will be playing in the sand in the month of October. We here at LSN/TGN have been doing Dunetoberfest since 2007 and year after year we have chose Buttercup Sand Dunes in California as our preferred location. You can get more information on Buttercup the location HERE.

To see where others may be going in the month of October or to share with the world where you will be attending Dunetoberfest this year then please head over HERE. We look forward to reading about how you celebrate Dunetoberfest and maybe seeing you out in the sand.


Here are some shots from past events. Please enjoy and as always you can see thousands more images HERE.

dunetoberfest pano  

LSN Live at Hostile Bajafest in NY

Hostile Racing Bajafest 2011 Live Coverage from LSN



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LSN traveled east to the 2010 Hostile Bajafest and we were blown away by the participation and how well the event was run. We had a BLAST! See the 2010 coverage HERE.


It’s that time of year again and we are headed out to NY bright and early Wednesday morning. Myself from TGN/LSN, Jeff from Craftwerks-RC, Ed from TeamFastEddy and Kevin from TeamChase are picking up a rental RV and should be at the compound Thursday afternoon. We expect to have nothing but a GREAT time with a group of awesome people.


Stay tuned to this post for live updates on possible new product releases, manufacture interviews, race coverage and as always a LOT of pictures. You can see all our LIVE images HERE or spend hours browsing our years of event and product coverage HERE.

UPDATE: We put together a slide show of stock Losi images and some of our own.

UPDATE: Well we are here and have our space set up. Check out all the images below. The newest images load at the top. We hope you enjoy them. We will be posting more tomorrow for you all. The Hostile location is amazing as always. Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.

[smugmug url=”http://photos.tgndistributing.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=18852728_r742mF&format=rss200″ title=”Hostile%20Bajafest%20PhotoFeed%20from%20LSN” imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”90″ thumbsize=”Ti” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”false” size=”M”]


Losi Announces the 5IVE-T 1/5 Large Scale R/C Short Course Truck

Losi 5IVE-T 1/5 Large Scale R/C Short Course BND R/C Truck

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Today is a historic day for many of us. Finally another US based company has announced their introduction into the Large Scale Industry. Welcome Losi.

The announcement comes just in time for their surprise appearance at the 2011 Hostile Racing Bajafest which we are covering LIVE here on THIS post.  You will see that Losi will be partnered with TGN and LSN at the introductory race allowing Kevin from TeamChase and me, Mark Hull from TGN / LSN to race very early production units.

We are as equally as excited as you all are. I foresee  very positive changes this could bring to our little niche of the radio control industry.  In fact, maybe this introduction by Losi means it’s not a “niche” anymore? I will leave this post for the simple press release and will making more posts with my thoughts as well as UP CLOSE images and videos of the the new Losi 5IVE-T BND 1/5 Large Scale R/C Short Course Truck.

The LSN slide show of the truck is HERE.

Watch Videos Being Posted by TeamChase here:



Press Release:

Link to Losi: http://www.losi.com/Products/Features.aspx?ProdId=LOSB0019BLKBD

Bigger. Faster. Stronger. The 1/5-scale Losi® 5IVE-T™ 4WD Off-Road Racing Truck is the closest thing to a full-size vehicle in realism, performance and experience. It features a 4WD drivetrain based on the racing-winning, award winning 8IGHT platfrom, Spektrum™ telemetry receiver, installed sensors, and 1/4-scale servos. And since it’s a Bind-N-Drive™ vehicle, you complete it with the DSM® transmitter of your choice. There’s really nothing like driving an RC truck as big as this. Come take it for a spin in all its 4WD glory.

These large-bore threaded, aluminum shocks feature over-sized 7mm shock shafts designed to stand up to the punishment of 1/5-scale action. The threaded adjusters allow for fine-tuning of the ride you are looking to achieve. The extra high volume of fluid is essential in controlling thesuspension movement over the roughest terrain.(Far right: 1/5-scale and a standard 1/10-scale shock shaft)

This is no ordinary chassis. It is based on the award winning, race-proven 8IGHT™ Platform. It has been designed to produce the best performance possible. The chassis plate is constructed of 5mm aircraft-grade aluminum and has been machined to save weight and add strength to provide extreme durability.

To ensure a long engine life and proper care, the air and fuel systems are served by a two-stage filtering systems. The air must pass through two different foam filters designed to block as much dust and debris as possible while still maintaining proper flow. The fuel system features a secondary filter that serves multiple purposes. One, to keep the fuel pickup in the gas mix no matter the orientation of the vehicle and as a filter to block larger debris and a secondary bullet style filter to catch anything else.

The engine comes preinstalled with a high-volume muffler and features an electronic ignition, easy adjust carburetor with a built-in choke and fuel primmer. An added bonus is the machined oval inserts that match the chassis cutouts precisely to locate the engine for proper gear mesh.

The finned aluminum clutch mount adds strength and durability and provides unmatched heat dissipation for increased longevity of the 8,000 RPM clutch. Since it is enclosed, it prevents dirt and debris from entering and fouling the parts. The oversized bearings handle greater loads and are more reliable.

The throttle servo performs more than just throttle duties it is also the main source for braking power. This heavy-duty large-scale servo has the power to bring the 5IVE-T to a stop thanks to the functionality of the bias adjustable dual-disk brakes. No 1/10-scale throttle servos here.

The core of the electronics system is the SR3300T receiver that is powered by Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology and has telemetry built in. The 5IVE-T comes prewired with sensors for engine temperature, speed and receiver battery voltage. Just add a surface DSM transmitter like the Spektrum DX3S, and all of this information will be transmitted back to the driver for real-time vitals of the 5IVE-T.

These monster wheels are true beadlock wheels with rings on both the inner and outer bead of the tire. With the amount of power the 5IVE-T produces and the sheer size of these tires, these wheels will provide a stable platform for the all-terrain tires. Many popular 1/5-scale tires will mount right on these beadlock wheels.

The 5IVE-T uses nothing but precision cut or formed, heat treated steel gears throughout the drive train. No plastic gears. These are the strongest and most durable type of gears available and expensive option items on other models.

The realistic cage provides added durability to the assembly absorbing impacts as well as a solid base for the modular body. The unique design allows the body and cage to be removed with only four screws and four body clips in seconds.

The four-piece body individual panels to be replaced in the event that it becomes damaged so an entire body does not need to be purchased to get the vehicle back to the factory look. Clear panels and stickers are sold separately to create your own look or retain the factory schemes.



  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • 5MM chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight
  • Two-stage air and fuelfilter systems
  • Powerful Losi® 2-stroke 26cc gasoline engine
  • 1/4 -scale heavy-duty throttle servo for superior braking
  • Adjustable bias dual-disk braking system
  • 1/4-scale high torque metal gear steering servo
  • Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
  • Spektrum SR3300T Telemetry Receiver with 2.4GHZ DSM Technology
  • Three tunable sealed viscous differentials
  • Multi-piece bead lock off-road wheels
  • Impact Absorbing Bumpers
  • Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
  • Cv driveshafts used throughout
  • 6V 3000mAh Receiver Battery and Charger

Product Specifications

Type:4WD Short Course Truck


Length:38 in (965.2mm)

Width:20.75 in (527mm)

Height:12.25 in (311.1mm)

Ground Clearance:2 in (50.8mm)

Wheelbase:24 in (609.6mm)

Chassis:5mm thick 7075 T6 aluminum

Suspension:4 wheel independent

Drivetrain:4WD with 3 silicone fluid differentials & centrifugal clutch

Tire Type:Off-Road all-terrain Performance high wear

Motor or Engine:26cc Gas

Radio:BND – Spektrum 3300T Telemetry Receiver

Batteries:3000MaH 6V NiMh receiver pack

Charger:Global AC charger

Wheel Size:4.75 in (120.6mm)


Shock Type:24MM diameter oil filled with compensation bladders

Body:4 piece, Short Course Truck

Ball Bearings:Throughout including steering

Fuel Tank Capacity:800CC

Minimum Age Recommendation:14 years

Experience Level:Advanced

Recommended Environment:Outdoor

Is Assembly Required:No

Completion Guides

Needed to Complete

90 Octane Gasonline

HPI 1/5 Scale 4WD this weekend?



HPI Racing 4WD 1/5 Large Scale 5sc or 5t may be coming?

So HPI Racing on facebook shows us a 1/5 scale 4WD is coming soon or maybe here tomorrow? Who knows….little information is being given… Check out their facebook page HERE.

Tomorrow is Hostile Live Coverage HERE and there is Losi rumors flying around HERE so this if by far the most news worthy day in our history of Large Scale. You read it here first!






Rumor Has It that Losi will announce a 1/5 Scale R/C very soon.

We are getting multiple reports that Losi is going to release a new vehicle tomorrow. They have just posted on their facebook account about it officially. But they are not talking about what they are releasing. Just that it’s coming tomorrow. Is it a new micro model? New Large Scale? What is your vote? Make your comments below.

Boy would that be exciting if we saw a large scale. Rumors have been around for years that another manufacture was coming to play with HPI and their Baja. So what would this to do our industry? Would we see more racing develop in the US like we see in the UK and Germany? Exciting news none the less.

Stay tuned for up to date information on LSN.



UPDATE, it is REAL! Found these on the web on some foreign website. It’s called the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD BND and it looks like MAP will be around $1600.00.




DarkSoul New Modular HPI Baja Shock Tower


DarkSoul Modular Shock Tower for the HPI Baja 5b 5t 5sc and ss

DarkSoul has stepped up the game and looked outside the box when it came to their new modular shock tower. The worst part of dumping a load of cash on some sturdy towers is the fact that due to their location on a 5b they act as a roll bar and receive a lot of damage on roll overs. No anymore…thanks do DarkSoul. They overal appearance of finish on these towers are second to none, a final finish quality we do not see on a lot of billet for R/C. Read on to see how you can protect your billet.

Product Link: HERE

Part # Tower = DSR0075 and Skid Plate = DSR0076 

Press Release:

The DarkSoul modular front shock tower is designed to fit any and all Baja application. Stripped down to it’s “basic” form, it is a super lightweight shock tower, great for on road use, where the tower is less prone to damage. Add on the skid plates, and you get an extra level of protection off road or on, and for the bashers, add the shock tower brace for massive strength. Like all DarkSoul Products, these are made in the USA from 6061 T6 aluminum, and are machined with an extremely high level of precision, with amazing detail and finish work.

Purchase the Modular Front Shock Tower Skid Plates separately HERE.