How will the Losi 5IVE-T affect our industry?


Losi 5IVE-T 1/5 Scale introduction has rocked

the Large Scale Industry

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The Losi 5IVE-T was just recently announced and is being displayed and raced at the Hostile Bajafest 2011. While the rumors of another brand (including Losi, Associated and Traxxas) entering our industry have been around for years it’s exciting to see at least one of them have come to fruition. Will there be more? How will this new player effect our industry?

Well I believe this introduction is crucial for large scale and not only was it very much needed but it’s plays an important role in the continued growth of 1/5 scale racing as we know it. Yes, the 1/5 scale racing scene here in the US and beyond has seen significant growth based mostly on the HPI Baja line of cars and trucks. But one of the race organizers most difficult obstacle in the past has been lack of major media coverage. Without media coverage it can be difficult to demand almost any amount of sponsorship costs for an event. The magazines excuses for not covering some of our largest events that 1/5 scale racing has is that by doing so they are only supporting one single car manufacture and aftermarket manufactures that advertise in their magazines. So why cover a 1/5 scale race to please just HPI when they can go cover a smaller event for 1/10 scale and support often dozens of advertisers. One hand feeds the other here…

I am also excited to see how this may spawn more interest from other manufactures. Not only companies like Associated and Traxxas but aftermarket manufactures as well. If we want to see Large Scale R/C grow then we need to get more involvement from the big players and with Losi coming out with the 5IVE-T 4WD it is sure to cause some waves amongst competing companies.



13 thoughts on “How will the Losi 5IVE-T affect our industry?”

  1. I feel this is gonna be a huge leap forward and will prompt other manufacturers to join in the 1/5 scale scene. Some mat already be testing prototypes and others will soon be hitting the CAD/CAM programs.
    The aftermarket will undoubtedly soon follow the full release of this new vehicle with lots of goodies to put on it.
    I’m excited to see what this brings.

  2. This is a much needed big step for 1/5 scale. I think its a good thing for everybody. I wish the 5ive would have come along sooner, but “better late than never”. Races and events should get more interesting now.

  3. This is great for the 1.5 scale hobby overall,but like the hpi baja its made in china and shoudlnt be priced higher than fg,mcd
    wich are higher quality by default.I thought the whole point of making stuff in china is because its cheaper..
    The redcat rampage is 4wd,has good support thru rampagehopups
    and other sites and is less than half the price of the losi.

    1. Gotta keep in mind a final price of a product doesn’t just cover the cost of the parts the product consist of. For each plastic part a multi-thousand dollar mold is required; same goes for metal and other materials used. I assume R&D time is calculated into the initial sales cost, over time im willing to bet the price gets lowered.
      The HPI Baja had started at a higher dollar value and later reduced because of high sales helping cover initial cost of production.
      Sure RedCat has support (replacement stock parts), but what good is a replacement part if they break repeatedly.

      Having seen all the vehicles in person that you listed as well as the 5IVE-T I can confidently say you get what you pay for.

      1. the redcat does not just have stock replacement parts,lots of alloy hop ups are on robs site.Still the redcat is an original design/all redcat r&d,and comes in at 600.And Just like the losi,Made in china.

        1. I understand your point, but try rolling a redcat on a hard surface and call up rob for the replacement parts or the alloy upgrades (so that the plastic part that’s closest to it will break next). Next roll the 5ive-T on the same surface…. turn it over and keep driving. just because they are both made in the same country doesn’t mean the quality of material and design is the same.

          I say put both cars on “The Price Is Right” and see what people guess cost more. Your eyes wont fool you, the 5ive-t looks tough because it is tough and that cost money to achieve.

  4. With a new platform comes new challenges.playing in the sandbox by yourself has its is my opinion that this new offering is welcomed by hpi,thus the losi was unveiled at a event where hpi dominates the field. Will there be a 4×4 platform released in the future by hpi? I would say count on it.
    Will i own a losi 5ive-t? its just a matter of time.

    looking forward to a ripping future in 1/5th scale

  5. Hey, the losi is a nice truck and so is hpi baja(I own 2)but the bull**it line you get what you pay for? I can tell you my baja ss start up cost was 1700 and 2 days later 100 for another set of tires because they are cheap junk and after that the normal,control arms breaking, bearings going bad, e clips flying off and the front wheels falling off the bearings go with them and it’s a 50/50 on finding them. The clutch bell cracking,one of the clutch shoes fell of the backing and jammed it together causing the crack the clutch bell(2days after i put it together and 1 tank of fuel) i think I’ll stop there. Redcat, hpi baja, losi all i say is they are all the same if you buy a car count on fixing it. My Redcat rampage mt v3 rolled down the side of a good size gravel packed hill on it’s roof all it did was stall

  6. All i am saying is they are all the same, made in China and it’s annoying to hear someone take shots at a company is known to to be out of China making it sound like the cheap China junk that people buy from wal-mart every day. Redcat has been around since 2005 from what i see and i wonder how long hpi has been around? Or losi? And losi is just bringing out a 1/5 now? It is better late than never and it does look good but to buy one? I don’t know for the price it really needs to prove it’s self before i spend 1700 and then buy a transmitter for 200 and hope it’s not a lemon. I have alot of faith in my Redcat rampage xb-e. I think it would give that thing a go on a track and if i put the castle creations xl motor in it with a modded motor mount it would smoke it. 10 hp, 7 pounds lighter and instant torque, no 8000 rpm clutch required:)

    1. That bull**** line was in reference to the Losi 5IVE T, not the baja that you compared it to. Consider the fact that the “better late than never” is also design time at Losi, with the flood of aftermarket parts available for the HPI it obviously shows the lack of design time that went into it, HPI brought it to the market and help build the large scale RC’s as we know it today, great thanks HPI, now Losi is in and had the ability to improve upon what was lacking in the initial design of the popular 1/5th scales… meaning they added what you bought for upgrades on your Baja and made it stock on the 5IVE T, there is plenty of room still for improvement on the Losi (can you imagine how much it would cost if they hadnt?)

      Price will go down once the initial production cost gets covered, meaning more need to be initially purchased by hardcore RC enthusiast that dont wait to hear what others are experiencing.

      Sure you can hope up a redcat to whatever you want and it would have a better chance of going head to head with the 5IVE T, but thats rediculous to hop one up and not the other. The comparision is stock to stock. And stock to stock a 5IVE T has a better odds against a stock base model Redcat.

  7. UNHAPPY AUSTRALIANS >>> Three out of four of the new 5ive losis we have at our track have droped the bottom of the shockers out lossing all oil over car.
    The screw holding the piston cup on hasnt been locktighted in and unscrews its self allowing shock shaft to come out bottom.
    The worst part is that it smashes the seals to bits and guess what losi have sold the cars in australia but no one here has any shocker rebuild sets .
    LOSI need to get there SH-T together and back-up what they sell.

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