LSN Midweek Web Surfing – Robots are cool too!


LSN Midweek Web Surfing

When browsing the web we come across some cool stuff sometimes. Not all the time is it related to “Large Scale” and sometimes not related to R/C at all. But we feel compeled to share so we often post them in LSN Finds but though we needed a new category for these types of posts. So from time to time we will post up our LSN Midweek Web Surfing post sharing some of our finds. We hope you enjoy.



Fighting R/C Robots

Just when I thought navigating an R/C around a track is complicated. Check out these R/C robot fighters.



Self Healing Plastic

Check out this plastic that heals itself. I am not sure I will ever own an R/C with this technology but I bet maybe my kids will.  Read more about it HERE.



BigDog from Boston Dynamics

Sticking with the robot theme, have you seen the crazy cool BigDog from Boston Dynamics? Watch the video below and see the evolution of this crazy R/C


Check out their other gadget they are working on. This thing could be FUN in the right settings. I have a feeling my kids (or maybe grandkids) will get some pretty cool toys to play with.  Found that one while browsing Big Squide RC.


 Completely Random

Came across this video on youtube of a movie bear I had worked with back in my animantronic days. His name is Bart the Bear and he is no longer alive but he made a serious carrier in Hollywood while he was alive. Watch the video below how well he is trained and works with his owner Doug. I have personally seen this bear walk on his hind legs like a human for something like 15+ feet, it was crazy. Enjoy….


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