HPI Racing Savage XL Octane – Two Stroke 1/8 Scale!

HPI Savage XL Gas Powered 2 Stroke – OCTANE!

Look what Santa brought us….. Ok I know it’s not ready for resale and there is no acual release date. But it’s like getting a IOU from Santa, it’s from someone you can trust right? So be happy and enjoy the new information on the HPI RACING 1/8 scale Savage XL two-stroke powered gas machine!

We talked a little  about this car earlier but there was little detail of its release. It’s LARGE and it’s Gas powered so we are going to follow the release of this machine and we will get our hands on one to review as soon as possible. While the image above does say “prototype shown” it’s clear they have made some changes. Including a much larger carb, which looks almost like a full size Walbro. I can not see a pipe in the image but I am sure there is a tuned exhaust stuffed in there somewhere.

Stay tuned to LSN for more information as it’s release. Official link from HPI Racing HERE.


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