TeamChase 5T and 5SC Front Bumper Brace ** UPDATED **

TeamChase  Bumper Brace for the HPI Baja 5T & 5SCTeam Chase Front Bumper Brace for the HPI Baja 5t and 5sc

. Part # 2710 Retail Price: $24.99

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Press Release: .   This new product has been under design and testing at the “Chase Compound” for several months and now will be available in the coming weeks. A direct replacement for the stock 5t or 5sc front bumper brace. It is Stronger and impact resilient, and yes it is made from our special polymer blend thats been proven in our 5T and 5SC Roll Cage.


** Special Product Release Info **

. And to make this even better TeamChase is allowing you to follow along as the mold is being cut and finished up. Information and images will be posted as we get them in this thread so stay tuned.

** UPDATE 10-6-11 **


Almost in stock, should be here Wednesday and ready to ship.


** UPDATE 9-1-11 **


Check out this cool video TeamChase just put up.

** UPDATE 8-30-11 **



** UPDATE 8-29-11 **


Getting closer… thanks for the update Chase!

** UPDATE 8-21-11 **

TeamChase has sent in some new images. Machining is behind because they had an error happen on the machine and it ruined the mold. They started over fresh and you can see the cutting in action below. We hope to see these parts in the coming weeks.

** UPDATE 7-26-11 **


First image of the mold design, both sides, for the TeamChase HPI Baja 5t and 5sc front bumper brace. Pretty cool stuff. Kind of like behind the scenes.

TeamChase 5t 5sc front bumper brace mold image

Team Chase Front Bumper Brace Mold for HPI baja 5t and 5sc




When TeamChase was in the process of making their Roll Cage they also posted pictures and updates allowing you to see what really goes into a injected molded product. Check out the image below or HERE for the full gallery. . TeamChase  Roll Cage Mold Being Cut

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