TGN, LSN and Turtle Racing at RCX Chicago – Live Updates

TGN, LSN and Turtle Racing – 2011 Chicago RCX

We are happy to announce that Turtle Racing will be joining TGN in their booth at RCX 2011. Turtle Racing will be showing off their entire product line as well as giving you a chance to see their OBR twin in person. TGN will have their shelf queen HPI Baja 5sc that was in the HPI booth at RCX Pomona as well as the crazy modified CustomStreetToyz 60cc VW. If your in the area and plan to attend and want to save $5 go HERE.

LSN will be covering this event LIVE. Updating our photo album HERE.

Watch our Twitter feeds HERE and our Facebook feeds HERE. Follow along on RCLS and feel free to ask questions or suggest coverage on a specific area of the show, brand or product. Check it out HERE. This is only a ONE DAY event, so watch this page on Saturday August 6thfor live updates and a wrap up post later in the following week.

New images are loaded at the top of the page.

10:00pm- Well the show is over now and myself, Turtle Racing and many other vendors I have talked to feel like it was a great show. This was the first time RCX has ventured out of California and I think they did a great job. It was also the first time they have tried a one day show as well and I believe it worked. Maybe as the show get’s bigger it could handle 2 days but for the first year I believe it was the right thing for them to do. Job well done RCX!

Next week I will try to come up with a RCX Chicago Wrap UP Post but for now please take a look at our 150+ images HERE.

Couple more from our album:


Dinner with TeamTurtle again, this time at Gino’s East. What a great time and awesome food!

Kershaw was there showing off all their cool parts including this monster!



Had this beer just after one called Krankshaft!


2:00pm- Uploading more images now. Show is slowing a bit but still a lot going on and all types of tracks to try out.

12:00pm- 80 plus photos of the show HERE:

Here are a few samples of what’s in the album linked above:

11:00am- As always, internet has been terrible in this building and the surrounding areas. The show coordinators have just connected my laptop so I will start uploading to our smugmug album now. Show is going GREAT! Lot’s of people here!



9:00pm – Dinner with TeamTurtle at Kuma’s Corner in Chicago. Man that little place can whoop up a burger!   6:00pm – Snuck a shot of all of the great prizes being given away for the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation donations. Great job Dave! 5:00pm – Does anyone know what the below image is? What’s in it? It’s something ALL NEW at TGN. See more tomorrow. 4:30pm – TGN getting out the show rigs. Locked up for the night so dont try to break into the center. HAHA. 4:30pm – Got to Chicago and the RCX location is REALLY cool. It’s different than what you may expect but man it’s packed with all kinds of cool stuff. You should really be able to spend a better part of the day just looking and watching all the product and demos here. I am excited to see how this turns out. Here is Turtle getting set up this afternoon. He has a couple hot rods with him. 10:30am – Landed in Denver and had to sit on tarmac for 40+ minutes which made us miss our connecting flight, got another flight an hour later so we got lucky. 5:00AM – Left Fresno this early this morning HHHMMMMM What to bring to Chicago….???? I can never carry all this on the plane so I have to decide what I need most…

TGN brings Kypom Batteries On Board.


Kypom Li-Po Battery Packs Now Available at TGN


Press Release:

After doing a lot of testing with different battery brands on our Brushless HPI Baja 5b project we had build a confidence in a brand of battery called Kypom. We were getting great run times and had success with all aspects of the battery for many months. So with such positive research we decided it would be a good idea to have them available at TGN.

There are three models we have brought in and the are listed below.

5200mah 7.4 volt 40c – More info HERE


5600 7.4 volt 65c- More info HERE 

5200mah 14.8 volt 45c- More info HERE

The 14.8 volt unit above is the one we use in our Brushless Castle Creations coverted HPI baja 5b:

As we work to expand our inventory you can expect to see other models available soon. Check the Kypom page on TGN HERE.

TeamChase – Cage Parts Now Available

TeamChase HPI Baja 5t and 5sc cage parts


TeamChase Replacement Cage Parts Now Available

That’s right, the super popular TeamChase Roll Cage for the HPI Baja 5t and 5sc can now be repaired or built as a kit if you so desire.

The parts are available in 3 different pieces plus the needed screw kit. Available in White or Black. Check out all the parts by clicking HERE.

Please make sure to watch this video before you attempt to replace or build your own roll cage.


World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation Drawing ** UPDATED **

RCX Chicago Raffle with World Motor Sports Breast Cancer FoundationWorld Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation RCX Drawing

.   Ok so LSN mentioned RCX Chicago and we have mentioned the information about this raffle but what we want you to remember is you DO NOT need to be present to donate or win these prices. You can purchase these $5 raffle tickets ONLINE HERE and help raise money for this important cause. We also want to inform you that the Large Scale Package including the HPI Baja 5sc is now worth almost $4,000 and growing! WOW, way to go Large Scale community!   You would not believe this list of parts coming from MAJOR hobby manufactures. I am told its expected to grow even larger so get out your credit card and donate for a great cause while increasing your chances of winning many great prizes. You can’t win if you don’t donate! Thank you all who have purchased tickets already and a special thanks to all those manufactures who have stepped up to be a part of this special drawing.   Watch up to date information on all the great prizes being added almost daily HERE!

All NEW updates are at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to see all the incredible items being given away. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!!!!







And the winners are……..ANd wth winners are…..



. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.   Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.