BIG & FAST R/C makes it in the NY Times

Nic Case and his 161.76 mph R/C Car in NY Times


It’s not often you see R/C make it into national news, print or online. But when it does we are happy to see it and we like to share it with our readers. Like we did here when “BIG” R/C made it on the CBC news website.

Nic Case is well know in the Radio Control speed record arena and it’s for good reason. This guy is FAST! Read the entire article on Nic at the NY Times. Video is below.


This all kind of makes me wonder what theĀ possibilitiesĀ of the new Castle Creations XL Motor could bring to the HPI Baja and other Large Scale R/C? SkoPod got their baja to do 93mph with a 60cc engine last year. What’s this year and beyond going to bring to 1/5 scale?



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