RCX Chicago – Just get’s better and better


RCX Chicago August 6th 2011

RCX Chicago just keeps getting better and better by the day. This is going to be a must see show and let me just tell you a couple reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Chicago.

1. First you have the World Motor Sports Breast Foundation Cancer Drawing


2.  ALL of these events listed below (more detailed info HERE)

  •  Horizon Off-Road “Try Me” Track
  •  Horizon “Fly Me” Arena
  •  Win A Ride With Vaughn Gittin, Jr Formula Drift Champion
  •  World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser
  •  Super Cross Track
  •  Extreme Outdoor Fly Arena
  •  Traxxas Off-Road “Try Me” Track
  •  Indoor Fly Arena
  •  Rock Crawling Mountain
  •  RC Drift Track
  •  Kyosho dNaNo Track
  •  RC Tractor PullDrag Racing
  •  RC Drag Racing
  •  Kyosho Mini-Z Racing & “Try Me” Track
  •  Bash-A-Palooza Demolition Derby
  •  Monster Truck Demo
  •  Melros Park Indoor Grand Prix Go Kart Promotion

3. Chicago has the BEST pizza on the planet (just in my own humble opinion, I know I will be eating HEREat least twice while I am in town)

4. It’s CHEAP entertainment and you can save $5 by planning ahead HERE.


5. Meet some of your favorite brands and see all their product up close and in person.


6. Oh and did we tell you TGN will be there? Along with Turtle Racing? Yeah that’s reason enough if you ask me.


So are you going? Ok, Ok I know not everyone can go. If you can’t go then at least tune into our live coverage post and watch videos and check out images from the show while its happening. Watch for that post the days prior to the show.




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