DarkSoul Racing – HPI Baja 5sc Toobz

DarkSoul Racing HPI Baja 5sc axle ToobzDarkSoul Toobz for the HPI Baja 5sc drive axles


We been waiting for these since almost day one of the release of the HPI Baja 5sc. Yes HPI beefed up their dog bones and drive axles but with the type of HP our engines are putting out these days and the beating we like to put them through, we are finding even the new improved drive cups and dogbones are not strong enough and are failing. DarkSoul also has their world renowned Dog Bones coming for the HPI Baja 5sc soon.

Part Number: DSR0015

Link for purchase HERE


Press Release:

The DarkSoul TOOBZ takes a different approach to reinforcing drive cups. Instead of a narrow and relatively thick ring held in place with epoxy, welded, or machined into the end of the cup, we have designed a sleeve that slides over the entire stock drive cup. This encasement of the cup, we feel offers many advantaged to the traditional reinforced drive cups. Why work with the stock cups instead of starting from scratch?

The stock HPI drive cups have proven to be a very good product, but they do have the one “fatal flaw”, no reinforcement at the outer edge, and with so many engines now putting out double and even triple the amount of horsepower as a stock engine, they just cannot stand up to the punishment. Short of that one flaw, the HPI cups are extremely well made from quality material, and are properly heat treated, so it’s the perfect platform to work from.

More information on this system and the concept HERE.



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