Team FastEdddy Chase Cage Clip Tethers

Team FastEddy Body Clip Tethers for the TeamChase Roll Cage

Team FastEdddy  Body Clip Tethers for the TeamChase Roll Cage


Part # 1303-TFE

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Press Release:

Never loose a body clip again…

These Tethers are made from high strength multi-strand wire with an abrasive resistant coating. Ends are a thick metal and are mechanically crimped on to military specifications so they wont pull out.Great to use for the clips on the Team Chase Roll Cage. Makes removing the clips a snap. Also use them on your stock roll cage, battery box, or body. Tethers measure 5.75 inches from center of the eyelets.


  • (4) Tethers
  • (4)Clips

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