DarkSoul takes us inside of a Road Race 5b SS Build.

DS Onroad road race HPI Baja 5sc ss build

Our friends at DarkSoul Racing have started a new large scale HPI build. They are taking a brand new HPI Racing Baja 5b SS and turning into a Road Racing Machine. Dark Soul is documenting the entire process part by part and sharing it with the world. You can go to RCLargeScale.com and see the images and details about why they are choosing one part over another and also get some good tuning tips for on-road use.

We don’t see an excess of information for on-road HPI baja, 5b, 5t or 5sc so this is why we decided to point this one out to you. You also don’t see many people going as in depth as they are with all the details. So for that we thank you DarkSoul.

DS Onroad road racer build for HPI Baja 5b SS

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