Craftwerks-RC offers up some new HPI baja goodies.

Craftwerks-RC Extended body pins for HPI baja 5t and 5sc


Craftwerks-RC is at it again. They have announced a couple new items for you baja fanatics.


First up is the new and highly requested extended side rail body pins for the HPI baja 5t and 5sc. These pins are made longer so the user has options to widen the body position and also allows for users to have that small amount of pin extending into the inside of the chassis to support aftermarket pipes like the LunaTik Rabid pipe or the KRD 60 pipe.  These and the original standard lengths units are now sold in sets of 2 for various types of set-ups.

See more images and details HERE.

Craftwersk-RC HPI baja 5t and 5sc extended side body rail pins


Next up is the Craftwerks-RC V2 replacement screws for the V2 titanium layshaft for the HPI Baja.  If your not running the Craftwerks-RC titanium layshaft you should be and if you are then you should pick up a couple spare screws. Get more details HERE.Craftwerks-RC V2 replacement screws for the V2 titanium layshaft for the HPI Baja.

TGN also has the V1 layshaft screws back in stock, get those HERE. Special thanks to Craftwerks-RC for supporting its customers with their older products. Way to go!


If you have questions or want to share you thoughts on these products you can do that HERE.

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