Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start to the rescue!

Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start TUR0026 for Baja and other large scale

Turtle Racing has come to the rescue on all the issues we struggle with daily on our stubborn pull starts. Whether you have an r/c boat, FG, MCD, HPI Baja or Redcat it does not matter, we all have had to replace these expensive pull starts many times over. Well read below what Turtle Racing has done to help dramaticly reduce your troubles.

Available NOW as a pre-order from TGN. Check them out HERE!


This is the Turtle Racing Pull start for all 1/5 scale applications, MCD, Redcat, FG & Baja.

Turtle Racing has designed & manufactured this Pull Start to greatly reduce the problems starting your Zen/CY motors. We started with a very heavy duty rope, then we added a double sealed bearing to the Spool. The bearing helped tremendously, no more plastic on plastic friction. We then modified the aluminum spawl, polished it and Teflon Plated it. We designed the housing for proper venting while not allowing debris to enter.

For all 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Scale, Zen/CY 23cc-30.5cc applications.


All of the internals are wear items so we will have Rebuild kits available.
Our standard warranty on these will only apply to the housing. We can’t
warranty wear items.

Colors May Vary when available.

Turtle Racing Billet Bearing Pull Start for your HPI baja 5b 5sc 5t ss

2 thoughts on “Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start to the rescue!”

  1. Turtle Racing has done it again. I have been running the pull-start for about 3 months and I have not had any issues at all. I would have gone through several stock ones by now on our test track. 
    I have been doing allot of team chase parts testing and have beat my test truck up. For maintenance all I have done is use my air compressor to clean my truck as usual.
    The pull-start keeps going 🙂

    Great product.


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