OBR Twin 50.8cc engines are now shipping to lucky baja owners.

Oneill Brothers Racing OBR Twin 50.8cc engine for your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc or SS

We all got the first glance of the OBR Twin back at Dunetoberfest 2010. The Oneill Brothers Racing Twin 50.8cc engine kit for your HPI Baja was amazing to watch (and listen too) in action. Since then the kit has been the talk of the town and has caused a good amount of interest in possible production units. Well they are finally ready and available HERE.


A lof R&D and manufacture collaboration has gone into this kit and it’s important to point this out that while this motor may not be for everyone, it’s this type of inovation and dedication to large scale that keeps it in the forefront of the R/C industry. It’s why our niche part of this hobby is so exciting and interesting to keep track of. So THANK YOU OBR!


Oneill Brothers Twin Baja Engine 50.8cc

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