1932 Duesenberg in 1/6 scale

Duesenberg 1/6 Scale working model

How cool is this? Ok I know it’s not a 30.5 dune reaping baja but it is worth taking a look. And the motor RUNS! No its not R/C but we thought you would find this model car intriguing and inspiring. The attention to detail is hard to even get a grasp of the amount of work and effort that has went into it.

Check out the video of the engine running.

Take a look at the link here to read more, and while your surfing bounce around to the home page and see a lot of other really cool project.

LSN is primarily an R/C site but we hope to share interesting things that somehow relate to what we love about R/C and model building. This is one of those “LSN Finds” that we hope you will enjoy.

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