Have you tried LSN on your phone?

LSN works on mobile devices. Get you large scale fix on the go.

Have you tried browsing LSN on your mobile phone? LSN is setup to automatically be viewed in “Mobile Theme” when visited by a mobile phone. It’s a cleaner and less data rich way to view the site. Once you’re inside a post you can see the images within the post just as you would on a PC, example below.

Images show up once you into the post.

If you choose to view LSN like you would on a full-size screen, you can go down to the bottom of the page and swipe the “Mobile Theme” button to OFF. Then you will get a view like you see below.

View LSN in its full glory with Mobile Theme OFF

I am a big fan of browsing blogs on my cell phone, while I am in line for lunch or waiting for my truck to be cleaned etc. It’s a quick and easy way to catch up and help pass time. Two of my favorite non R/C related blogs to watch are Engadget and MacRumors.

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