BZM-Micro Brings Power To The People

Bi Zeta Announces BZM-Micro, a replacement RC motor for your HPI baja

Available Soon at TGN!

Big news for us Large Scale fans. The world famous engine builder Bi Zeta Motors has announced they are entering the R/C market with a line of engines made as a direct replacement of your CY and Zenoah style motors. To see more details of the engine and a video of this beast on the dyno CLICK HERE.

This is something us gasser guys have dreamed of for years. Ever since the Go-Ped days we have wished we could convince BZM and other small performance engine companies to consider making “us” a motor. Well the time has come. Bi Zeta Motors has been announced a new line of engines. Available first as a 23cc and then leading into a 26cc and 28.5cc. But don’t worry, the 23cc is showing a dyno reading of 6hp+ at almost 15,000RPM. Now that is a MONSTER!

Our friends at MMR will be handling the UK distribution and TGN will be heading up the US market. LSN has been told we will get sneak peaks of this engine and more details very soon. So stay tuned…….

More about Bi Zeta Motors

Bi Zeta Motor designs and manufactures aftermarket-performance engines and special racing parts, playing a leading role in a complex and constantly evolving market. Pocketbikes, ultralight aircraft, model-nautical, -aeronautics, -motoring, are the main sectors ask our support, finding in our products an answer for their specific requirements.

A young and active leadership, exeperienced technical staff, as well as suppliers selection, able to be up to our rigorous quality control standards, determine the strategic line of the company, based on research and technological development.

Study at first, then engineering and prototypes achievement, lastly exsasperated captive tests, allow us to get innovating products, at high level of performance, spreading Bi Zeta Motor brand around the world joined to Made in Italy style.

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  1. i was going to order a new motor this spring.but now i will hold out for the bzm motor looks like it will be a very good motor

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