Killer RC Starter for CY and Zenoah RC Engines



Killler-RC Power Starter for you gas R/C

It’s here! We shared a prototype back in October HERE and now you can order yours from TGN.

We are happy this is here. It looks to be a great product and we believe this will make a lot of people very happy. Similar to the idea of the rotor start we had years ago, this unit allows you to start your gas engine in your large scale R/C. Providing you have the room to run a drill or angle driver to the starter area. More details below:

Part Number: KRC-AC-PWS

Link: HERE


Our goal with the Power Starter was to make a power assisted engine starter that’s simple, reliable, and affordable. The main improvement here, over other starters, is that the one way bearing is in the driver on the drill. Once the engine is running, the one way bearing is done doing its job. So the bearing is not constantly spinning with the flywheel, adding drag, getting dirty, and eventually burning up, like what sometimes happens with other starters. The Power Starter also weighs less than a stock rope pull starter.

We sell the Power Starter in 3 different kits. Without Driver, with 1 driver, and with 2 drivers. The driver part that fits in the drill is made by Troy-Bilt, and is available at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores or online here. This driver is what makes the whole kit affordable. If we are out of stock of the kits with the driver, then you can get your own drivers online, or at your local Lowe’s, in the weedeater parts aisle. It is also sold at Lowe’s under another brand name – Arnold. Remove the red ring on the driver before use.

You will need an 18v, or higher, drill to start the engine. Your drill needs to have a 3/8″ chuck and be able to spin at 1200 RPM, or higher. The faster, the better. DO NOT use an impact drill.

Installation Parts:

  • Piston Stopper, or clutch stopper
  • 5mm allen wrench


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