RobotKitchen Team Torc Video Upload – Cactus Itch

RobotKitchen shares just one more look

RobotKitchen videos can be found on their YouTube Channel and we suggest you subscribe to their channel now. Because now that they have finished their newest scale interior for the TGN show truck. They have a very exciting and ambitious project planned.

The next interior you will see from these guys will be even more exciting than this one. I know your asking yourself what could be better than a animated driver and co-pilot, an overhead working volt meter, moving steering wheel and working navigation unit? Well just wait….you will not believe the work going into these scale animatronic interiors in these large scale HPI bajas as well as the video work planned for production.


Enjoy the newest upload below and watch a lot more of the past videos made by RobotKitchen HERE.


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