RobotKitchen Team Torc Preview Video – On Board Videos

RobotKitchen teases us with Team Torc On Board Preview

The geniuses over at RobotKitchen tease us with their TeamChase roll caged HPI Baja 5T with full detailed interior including a GPS! Ever since they announced they were teaming up with TGN, we been waiting for the next video. This one looks to be just a preview of what’s to come.

Word is there will be even more surprises as this series progresses including added features and detail to the interior of this wild machine. The work, effort and attention to detail in RobotKitchen on board videos is by far the best we have seen and with it being in a large 1/5 scale RC makes it all that much better for us all!


Oh and watch the second video below, that kinda tells you where things are headed with this series. Extreme realism and a complex set of props and sets are coming your way!

 Watch all the RobotKitchen videos HERE.




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