Follow TeamChase at “The Fear Farm” this weekend in Az. *Updated Live*

TeamChase shares photos & video from The Dirt Nitro Challenge

Thanks to our friends at TeamChase, LSN will be receiving images and video updates live from the 2012 The Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm in Arizona. We informed you about this race in THIS post weeks ago.

This year The Dirt added a new large scale R/C track where many hopeful racers will be trying to take the title as the 1/5 scale champion. They are offering both 2wd class for the HPI Baja and others as well as a 4WD class for the Losi 5IVE-T and maybe a FG or MCD or two.

Watch below for updates. The newest images, videos and race info will be posted at the top. If you would like to follow the TeamChase Fear Farm post on RCLS just go HERE.

Newest Updates:

All updates are all being uploaded to our smugmug album HERE. The guys are just sending WAY too many images to keep posting them here. Total of 140 photos so far. Tomorrow we will be uploading a new video.


Working on a new video of footage that TeamChase has sent in. The track looks great and we are getting video of only Losi’s so far. Sounds like a turnout of over 50 drivers and all the 2WD baja 5b’s and 5t’s had to be clumped together. Pretty interesting for sure… Video coming soon.



Saturday Noon:

thedirt3 36

Saturday Morning:

Friday 11:00am

This even looks huge. All the big names out there.


Friday 10:00am

Today is another practice day and the first time the large scale guys get to run the track. These images were sent in by Billet of the TeamChase crew. Thank you again TeamChase for your updates. Video coming…


Friday 9:00am

The truck of Gary Kyes from Losi.

Thursday Night:

TeamChase says there are 570 entries in the Nitro classes. That is HUGE and so cool to hear. The best part about that is the amount of people who will get to see the large scales in action up close and personal. That is whats so exciting about this event and why it is so important. If we did not have prior engagements LSN would be there updating LIVE but we feel TeamChase is going to give us a great view and inside scoop of whats going on there this weekend.


Thursday Mid Day:



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