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The Dirt Nitro Challenge – AZ – Feb 22nd

 The 2012 The Dirt Nitro Challenge Feb 22-26

Looks like nitro breathing fans from around the world will be gathering in Arizona at the end of February for  the 2012 The Dirt Nitro Challenge. You ask what is so great about that and why should you care? Well because they are building a specific 1/5 track and allowing 2wd and 4wd drive large scales to enter. Get your baja, losi 5ive-t, MCD etc ready to race!

This is a major event, “The Dirt” informed us that they expect over 500 entries with racers from around the world. The even will be covered by every magazine and blog in our industry including local TV coverage. This is our time to shine guys, lets get our big trucks over there and show them how fun and exciting large scale can be.

There is very little posted information about this event on the web, no official site or forum either. But the flyer is all over the internet and I guess its just one of those events everyone knows the deal… But I will post what I know and have read below.


Please post your questions HERE and I will try to get them answered.



Location is

Fear Farm R/C Raceway will have 3 new tracks for “The Dirt”, Nitro Challenge. Please email your entry to Joey at as this will speed up the registration process for this date. Check in and registration starts at 6:30AM with practice starting as soon as entries are completed (roughly 9AM). 2 rounds of 7 minutes practice heats will be run on this day. Email Joey or Kenny with questions: Joey, kenny



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