LSN interviews Kevin and Keith of TeamChase

This is the first of what we hope will be a continued feature here on LargeScaleNews, LSN INTERVIEWS. LSN plans to bring you up close and personal interviews with manufactures and industry leaders who help shape and promote the large scale industry that we know and love.

The first video we are releasing is of Kevin and Keith of TeamChase. TeamChase is a fairly new company at only two years old. But they have been able to make a serious impression on large scale fans in that short time. Their most well known and adored product is their HPI Baja roll cage. We believe their cage is the single most logistically complicated aftermarket part ever made for 1/5 scale. The engineering, time, research and expense gone into making a product like this is tremendous and extremely risky. Kevin will tell you he gambled a large portion of his life savings to make that cage become reality. But I believe it was a choice he and his family has not regretted since.

Speaking of family, TeamChase is also known for holding several events a year on their own property (know as the Chase Compound). Where his close friends and family prepare their own personal track at their beautiful Souther California home. The most notable event is the Toys For Tots Drive held every year were thousands of dollars in cash and toys are raised for needy children. Anyone who has had the fortune to meet the Chase family will tell you they are genuine people and great hosts for these incredible events.

Visit or purchase their products at TGN

Please enjoy the interview below with Kevin and Keith of TeamChase.


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