LSN Compares the Losi Desert Buggy XL to other 1/5 Scales



Losi Desert Buggy XL DBXL compared to other 1/5’s

Since the announcement of the Losi Desert Buggy XL 1/5 Large Scale the specs were available but numbers are not always easy to digest when not compared to what you used to looking at. So LSN took the new Losi DBXL and compared it to the Losi 5IVE-T, HPI Baja 5SC and the HPI Baja 5B. We compare basic specs and weight and show you side by side how the cars compare.

We think the new Losi DBXL is a great size, really not far off from the HPI Baja 5SC yet it’s 4WD which if you have driven a large scale 4WD then you know the excitement that can bring to large R/C bashing and racing. We will work on more videos where we compare the cars in a more technical way for those interested. You can also expect some good old fashion bash testing of the new Losi Desert Buggy DBXL.

At $999.99 for a RTR 4WD Buggy from a major manufacture like Losi you can not go wrong in our opinion. Even if the DBXL needs some help in the aftermarket parts area, we still think this is going to be a winning platform for Losi and the large scale industry.

Until next time….enjoy the video below.



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