2012 HPI West Coast Nationals – Pictures and Video

HPI West Coast 2012 Nats – Pics and Vid from TeamChase

TeamChase and their team were nice enough to send in pictures and video from this weekends HPI West Coast Baja Nationals at Irvine Lake. They were able to set up a booth and share their products and offer support on location at the weekends event Saturday.

Get Pictures HERE! Video Below!

Because HPI was behind this event they only allowed HPI branded cars and trucks. Which in the past years that actually made sense to some degree. For one its THEIR event and they get to make the decisions  BUT there were also no other leading brand making and selling large scale cars or trucks in the USA.

With the release of the Losi 5IVE-T last year it has been a popular choice for racers and most the attention from aftermarket brands are leaning towards that platform. So holding a race for ONLY the HPI Baja to us is not a platform that will work long term. Word is there were about 30 entries and almost half were HPI employees. To me that is proof that this platform is not capable of getting the big turnouts anymore.

So how do we run bigger and better events in large scale and who will do it? The backing from the larger manufactures is helpful but with 30 racers for a national event is writing on the wall of the eventual collaps of large scale racing. So whats next? Feel free to post your comments or thoughts below.